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    In case you get bored and want to share a nice picture or a story about Antarctica,
    feel free to add it at the forum at Antarctica Trips : it’s up and running and now without typo errors…(cross fingers)
    Regards from 30 degrees C Malaysia,
    Stef n Maggie


    Looks like you fixed the link. I don’t really have any photos at the moment. I’ll have to see what I can dig up.
    On another note Glen runs the other Antarctic Message Board run from down here. Go to and check his out as well.
    By the way is this Stef or Maggie?.   30c hey.  -20 c right now. It’s a heat wave. We’ve been in a big storm. It went condition one today, we had to stay in the buildings for a couple of hours during the worst of it. We were -40c last week.


    Hi Make and all,
    Long time no see, Stef here.
    Maggie should provide the content to her antarctica site, me just set all up.
    Now the poor girl cannot find her diary from her trip,
    so things will be delayed it seems,
    need to do some peptalk…
    Went to the and saw the flyby picture of Glenn,
    Will check it out more later,
    Just love cold pics, here it’s above 30C and no rain for days…


    We are in the -35 C range and windy these days.   A solar wind burst hit the earth this morning and gave us a mild aurora storm. They were across the sky but very faint. You couldn’t see them from town, you had to get away from the lights.
    I think you said you were from indonesia. Does your country have an antarctic base? You should try to get down and work.


    Hey Mike,

    We caught some great satellite images of that auroral storm last night. Check out:

    That picture doesn’t quite cover McMurdo but you can see the spans almost the entire continent.

    Except us, that is… Grrr. But we are seeing some nacreous clouds, more of them this morning.


    Hey Grant —
    You could probably see more if you weren’t way up there in the Banana Belt…
    I’m pretty sure Palmer isn’t even actually IN Antarctica.  Being outside the circle negates any claim to continental affiliation.


    A –

    Wow. With a nose that high up in the air you’d think I could see it from here…

    I hate to break it to you, but there’s more to the continent than the McUrban sprawl where you spend so much time. Try getting out now and then.



    Shouldn’t you be out harvesting a crop of ‘nanners’?


    Glenn is right, you gotta get outa town 🙂

    Seriously, I’m sure that 95% or so of folks who go to the ice never set foot on the Antarctic Continent. Since McMurdo and Palmer are on islands…Pole is the closest US station to the place, except for that 2 miles of ice in the way.


    We were chatting about the semantics of antactic islands the other day. Most everything is solid, liquid and gas depending on the temperature and pressure.  Rock is cold, becomes liquid as lava and I would guess becomes gas or even plasma when hot enough. Water is the same. For most of the world water is liquid the majority of the time. Rocks surrounded by water are islands. Down here we have perminent ice. Let me tell you, if you ever tried to dig down into it, there isn’t a big difference between old ice and concrete.
    If water is that hard is it in fact a rock. I say if it looks like a duck and quacks like a duck then it’s a duck. Yeah old hard ice is rock.
    Mcmurdo is surrounded on 2 sides by water in the summer but the other 2 sides are perminent ice that is attached to the continent.  If old ice is rock we are part of the continent. If ice is water we are an island.


    Hi Mike and everybody,

    I am from Malaysia and we do have a station up in the south pole, dunno what they are doing there else than eating nasi lemak…

    Can you only work on the station of your country?

    Meanwhile… I found 2 pages of my antarctica trip diary, put already 1 online at:

    Is it getting warmer in Antarctica as well, I mean compared with years and years before?

    Have a nice day,



    Howdy, Maggie —
    I see where Malaysia has an Antarctic Program(me), and did have an expedition down there a few years ago (, but I couldn’t find anything about them having an actual station on the continent.
    The U.S. is the only country to have a station AT the South Pole.  Next closest would be the Russian’s Vostok station. 
    If Malaysia does have a station, chances are it’s on the coast.  Many countries have research facilities that can be gotten to by boat.
    I’ll keep looking…


    Hi Maggie,
    It’s not getting much warmer yet, in fact the next month or so is traditionally the coldest and stormiest months. Yesterday at lunch the northern sky was getting pretty bright. We are still 3 weeks away from the sun rising over the horizon. Now at noon, it’s a little like the hours before dawn. Certainly not enough sun to warm things.
    When it does happen the mixing of warmer and colder air masses can make for some pretty nasty storms. Right now we tend not to get much snow. The air is so cold it can’t hold much moisture. What snow we do get is composed of very tiny snow crystals. It’s more like dust flying around. If you saw pictures of the Mideast dust storms, an antarctic storm isn’t a lot different, just colder. The snow is so fine it blows into any crack and under every door. We can get a good idea of what the weather is like by seeing how much snow is inside the buildings as we go out.
    I read your journal entry. Nice. That pretty much describes summer. We will get temps to 40F now and then, but mostly it’s in the 20’s at night and right around freezing (32F) during the day.


    Hi Mighty , Mike n all 🙂

    So global warming seems not to affect the South Pole, as Europe and USA has a tremendous heatwave, and Malaysia keeps getting hotter I find as well.

    We do have some “researchers” there somewhere, but I am not surprised that you don’t know much about them, so do we… Will have to ask around to see if we have “our own” base.

    Have a nice day!


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