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    Here i am 30 days later on my second season of fun here in Antarctica..

    So far to date i have spent 7 months here total and everyday is

    This place is mysterious, its a dangerous adventure and behind every corner
    lies something that can kill you. This place can be hell, the weather is
    rotten, it changes every 5 minutes. A few days ago it was +18F in the
    morning..that's a heat wave here, i walked through town with my parka open
    enjoying the warm sun against my face.. Later that day, with little warning
    the weather turned south and the high winds started.

    Today i had my first glass of milk in over 30 days.., well i guess you can
    call it milk, they sell this stuff in the store here called Blue Milk. This
    “milk” comes in a carton and can store on the shelf with out refrigeration
    for a long time, it think its treated with radiation or something…..

    Today i broke down and got 2 cartons and some cookies.. Got back to my room
    after lunch tossed the milk in the fridge and prepared to indulge my self in
    some ice cold “milk” and stale cookies for an evening snack. Later this
    evening after my trip to Scott Base i returned to my room for the long
    awaited cookies and milk. Reaching into the fridge for the icy cold carton
    of “Long Life Blue Milk” i noticed the expire date of June 2002. Needles to
    say my discovery of the expiration didn't stop my need for calcium intake
    and yummy Nutter Butter cookies. They were good, ask me later about the food

    This place is also the most spectacular visual wonder in the world. Gazing
    out my dorm window i awake to see Mt Discovery or the Royal Society Mountain
    Range. Not to mention the colors of the sunsets or sunrises.. I can send all
    the pictures i can take but there is no way to describe what things look
    like here…

    The first 30 days have gone and past.. They have been fun and memorable.. I
    am still fighting a cold and my voice has gone but i am hanging in there..

    In a few days regular flights will start, and in a week or 2 we will have
    500 new people on station. We will also get some fresh food and mail, the
    mail i never got in August. Later on in October we will get our LC-130's
    cargo aircraft in from New York. Then our fire station 2 will open up at the

    From the bottom of the world..

    Christopher Post
    United States Antarctic Program
    McMurdo Station Antarctica
    Lehigh County Emergency Management
    Allentown, PA
    E-Mail :
    Amateur Radio: N3SIG / ZL5CP

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