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    I wanted to buy something online and ship it right down, but it doesn’t accept APO as a correct address for the zip code, but it will take FPO, will I still get it???


    Shipping to APO’s is a real problem with some mail order places. I don’t know about FPO’s. I just keep looking for other companies that will ship. Try calling their customer service number and see if they have a workaround.


    I guess I’ll find out in about a week, I ordered something online and they changed the address from APO to FPO when they notified me they mailed it. Fortunately it was only a $15 item.

    Amazon.com, for example, has an excellent page on how they ship to APO/FPO addresses and how to enter an address. Other smaller vendors you may have to call.


    Yep, you’ll get it if it’s addressed FPO.


    I have had no troubls with shipping in the past but a lot of folk are unhappy that no mail shall be coming in for another 2 weeks or so. A lot of things in cargo have to come through first and space available is not very much for package mail and such this year. Most companies I have ordered from have known how to ship and whether I put in APO or FPO it all got here.


    What IS the difference between APO & FPO?  I know APO stands for Air Post Office.  What’s FPO?  Flying Post Office?  F*&%ing Post Office? Fun Post Office?  Frilly Post Office?  Are all APO’s interchangable with FPO’s?  I’ve done some online shopping, and they won’t mail to an APO, so I have them send stuff to my mom, and then make my mom send the stuff here…. It would be nice to learn a new APO vs FPO trick & get my stuff just sent directly.
    What is an FPO?


    Hi Zondra….

    FPO stands for Fleet Post Office, its the Navy's way of dealing with mail.
    All sailors get their mail this way. I hope the summer season is going good
    so far.


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    Since Mactown was established as a navy base, the zip code was originally used exclusively for FPO mail.  Unfortunately, this designation hasn’t been officially changed with the USPS, so companies tied in with their database will not accept APO with the McM zip.  As people have already said, substituting FPO when necessary will not cause delivery problems – at least not in my experience.

Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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