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    Hey, guys!
    Hope it’s been a good season so far & the ANG brings lots of freshies & holiday packages.  🙂
    I need to ask a favor from someone at Mactown – if you’d please take a few min to help me out, I’d really appreciate it.  Can someone please take a few particular pictures in the dining hall & email them to me asap???
    My little brother and his fiancee met as DAs there several years ago and are getting married on New Year’s Day.  Since their relationship began in the galley, I wanted to bring a little part of it home as a wedding present, and a copy of that print was the most memorable thing (aside from the clock) that I could think of.  Unfortunately, I am having trouble selecting mats & a frame, so it would really help to look at what Norbert himself selected & use that as a starting point.  I’d also like a distance shot to mount on back of frame, showing where the original hangs to display the significance and serve as a permanent reminder of where their love began.

    So…  On the far galley wall opposite clock, one of Norbert Wu’s pictures was an underwater shot of emperors diving with bubble trails behind them.  Can one of you please take pictures of it from about 10-15 feet, one close enough to show the frame style & mat color/width, and one from far enough away to show the photo’s overall position in the galley?  Thanks SOOO much – I would be forever grateful!
    Since I procrastinated & now need to decide quickly, it would be great if someone had time to help me out soon…  Thank you in advance!
    Happy Holidays,
    PS:  I don’t think either of them reads this, but if anyone knows Don & Joanna, I’d obviously appreciate this not being mentioned until 2007.  😉


    Erica, I haven’t had my camera out all season, This sounds like a good reason to unpack the box. I’ll see what I can do.


    Thanks, Mike – that would be great!  🙂


    Erica, I’ve got some photos, but I don’t have your email address. They didn’t turn out so good. The glass cover reflected the lights from the room. I’ll send what I have and then take more if you need.
    Send to poolemi   at
    I broke the email address apart so I don’t get junkmail. Put it back together with a @ in place of the at.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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