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    Hello all, your getting this email because your on my list, its not the
    naughty or nice list, its the friends and family list and like last year i
    made an attempt to keep everyone in the loop as to what's happening on the
    Antarctica Adventure for me the easiest way to do this is by email..

    The first time i went to Antarctica many of you said “Are you crazy?” well i
    hope this confirms it and squashes all doubts of me having a thread of
    sanity by taking this sojourn of a southern type!!

    On Sunday the 14th i will be leaving Allentown for the Salt Lake City
    Aircraft Rescue Firefighting School, i will be there for 10 days learning
    all there is to know about aircraft crashes and fires. After SLC i go on to
    Denver for the Antarctic Fire Department Fire Academy, i get to meet the
    people i will work with this year..
    Speaking of the people i will work with, Again there are no other
    firefighters from PA going to the ice but this year a friend of mine and a
    co-worker here at Lehigh County will be going south as a Dispatcher for the
    Fore Department. Rhonda who is a seasoned dispatcher with the Lehigh County
    911 Center will leave for the ice in October to spend a few months in the
    deep south… See the insanity is contagious!

    I will return to the Lehigh Valley on the 2nd of August and prepare to leave
    for the ice. I have some plans to volunteer at musicfest this year and some
    other last minute things…

    My plane leaves for Antarctica on the 15th of August.
    I will fly from Allentown on to Chicago then to LA, From LA i fly to
    Auckland New Zealand and then on to Christchurch in the south island of new
    Zealand.. From Christchurch or CHCH as we call it.. i take a military flight
    to McMurdo Station…. so with any luck 30 or so hours of flying should put
    me in Antarctica at McMurdo Station at or around the 18th of 19th of
    August.. But i will keep my fingers crossed for bad weather.. If the weather
    is bad in Antarctica then we cant fly down… What a sour deal to get STUCK
    in New Zealand for a few days…. ha-ha

    Once i get down to the ice i will try to send a bi-weekly email update, the
    emails usually include 2 to 3 pictures and a story…if you know someone who
    would like to be added to my list please have them email me at .

    The time has come to pack the bags and start to make plans to head south..
    The airplane tickets will be here soon and i will be at the airport before i
    know it..

    Here is your first installment of pictures and stories from the ice..

    I got this from one of the guys at McMurdo, This is a pic of “SKIER 95”
    landing to check out the location of a possible field camp when the left
    side of the plane broke through a crack in the ice… needless to say the
    plane didn't fall in but the sorry guy who walked across it would have
    fallen to his death… thankfully he didn't..


    Christopher Post
    United States Antarctic Program
    McMurdo Station Antarctica
    Lehigh County Emergency Management
    Allentown, PA
    E-Mail :

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