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    Weird question..
    I’m a pretty tall guy 6′ 5″
    Are the beds at the south pole shorter than that.. I mean. can a tall guy lay down flat on one.. lol
    Wondering if I’d have to spend 4 months like a pretzel.

    Are they like sleeping on a rock?


    Hmmm good question that I’ve never heard of before.
    I don’t know off the top of my head. The beds seem to be either standard sized twins or in some cases slightly narrow twin beds. I’ve never heard of any of the tall people complaining.

    Been There

    I am 6′ 2″ and didn’t have any problem with the bed size at Pole but the most recent times I was in a room in the new station. If you are a first timer you will likely be in summer camp. I am sure someone else that has spent time in the summer camp can answer your question.

    Of course you will have trouble sleeping the first couple days until you adjust to the allitude, no matter what size the bed. :mrgreen:



    The beds in the elevated station at Pole now are essentially twin size mattresses although I think they may be a couple of inches narrower than the standard. I’m 6′-2″ and never had a problen with the size of the bed or the quality of the mattress. My next door neighbor in 2005 was 6′-9″ and I guess he was used to that size of bed since I never heard any complaints or loud noises. All of the beds in summer camp are standard single beds.

    The former Upper Berthing in the Dome originally had custom built-in bunk beds which were only 6′ long and quite narrow. I had to endure one of these during a summer stay once. Those mattresses were not the best quality either.

    Many people in the elevated station liked to jack their bed/mattress up very close to the ceiling to give them some floor space underneath (the furniture is modular and you can adjust things..a fair amount of work but that is something winterovers often do). I personnally like to sit up in bed and not hit my head on the ceilng, so I never could figure out why people liked to do this. In old UB there was often a fire alarm detector directly above the top bunk, there were more than a few false alarms set off by people bumping it in the middle of the night.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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