Big Dead Place: The Series

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    I just read the article and there were 14 comments so far. Every comment was about Gandolfini rather than the subject matter. I thought that was odd.


    It’ll be funny to see how far off from reality the T.V. show will be – as usual. Cheri, remember that people who read those articles follow American pop culture and are more concerned about their favorite actors. In fact, they don’t even know what Antarctica is. It’s that place up near Alaska, with the Polar Bears, right? Those of us “Ice People” are in the minority. But don’t worry, they’ll understand all about Antarctica after they see this T.V. show. Sad thing is, Hollywood will make it be so far from reality, that they’ll be just that more confused.

    Been There

    I can hardly wait to see who will play the part of…….Art Brown. 😀 😀



    Who plays Franz? Hey, I was there, maybe somebody will play me.


    Which season was this?


    Ahh remember the black ops.

    It’s been a few years since I read the book, but I think might encompass more than one winter season.I think it was the year that the station manager went out on a medivac flight and nobody on station wanted the job. A fng supply person took it on. It might have included the black ops winter. I think it was the winter that Fr—, the station mgr banned the play- vagina monologues and for the art show he put a guard at the doorway of the special room where he put any paintings that had nudity. Were you there for the Monkey Box band? The calender? Martini party and logo? The station pushed back on Fr—- in devious ways. I don’t think he ever caught on.


    OMG I forgot about Big Hand George. And the iron workers, And the Art Bell thing. I think I still have the recordings of that. It was the best and worst of winters all at the same time. I hope they make an episode out of the Russian Bride.

    There is no way they could ever make a show as funny as the real thing.


    I’m looking forward to seeing it, though I’m not sure if for the show itself, or all of your reactions to it. 😉


    At the risk of sounding like a selfish, cynical bastard, I can see this being a very bad thing. By romanticizing Antarctica via mass media, I can see the already competitive nature of getting a job increasing exponentially. The less people know, the better.

    On the other hand, maybe it will make the public more aware about the work being done and it’s importance, and subsequently, force the government to increase funding. Though of the two outcomes, the first seems like the most likely.


    And then in the words of Arlo Guthrie in “Alices Restaurant” —-but there was a third possibility we hadn’t even counted upon—

    They might portray the program as such an contorted mess that the funding gets cut.


    Ah, the pooles, you are well versed in the language of cynisism. I hadn’t even thought of that. What a Calamity that would be! Nevertherless, I look foreward to the dramatization of life in Antarctica. I’m sure it will make for good watching!

    I guess the 4th possibility is that the show will not catch on, and will get cancelled, having no concernable impact on anything. Here’s hoping!


    @Sciencetech wrote:

    It’ll be like the Sopranos, lots of sex, drugs and booze but with parkas and penguins instead of guns.

    HINT TO THE WRITERS: There are some of us on this board (*ahem!*) who could, for a modest fee, provide you with years of saucy-but-true nuggets for story lines. Or at least tell you how to use Antarctic lingo and say the word “skua” so you don’t make a fool of yourself.

    😀 😀

    In 2003 I was asked for assistance by the art director of a certain Antarctic film that was being shot in Toronto. I declined for various reasons, only one of them being that there wouldn’t be any money involved. After seeing the result I’m sure they looked at some of my stuff but didn’t know what they were looking at.

    It would be interesting if they received an Artists and Writers grant from NSF, but somehow I don’t think that would ever happen. 😉


    Ha ha. An artists and writers grant for BDP. Just think. If we had the opportunity live to help them come up with interesting fresh story lines. There’s a new contractor coming in as well. The last BDP was about Raytheon taking over. We could do a whole new one this year.


    Resurrecting an old thread…

    I never heard anything more about BDP: The Series. With Gandolfini’s death, I wonder if the possible series is, um, dead.


    I’m not sure how far along any production ever gotten. No real news on the net out there. Maybe they filmed some sort of a pilot and HBO didn’t like it or want to pick it up for a series (happens a lot in TV). I thought it originally was suppose to air sometime this year, 2013.

    Or maybe after crunching the numbers, HBO decided that it was going to cost way too much to try and produce such a series (due to having to film in remote locations, probably either Canada or Alaska, during winter months), that they never went ahead with any production. We can always try and email HBO to see what, if anything, is going on with this project. It’s kind of weird that both Nick and James were lost in the past 8 months or so.

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