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    I’ve surfed around the discussions but couldn’t find the posts about the library at McM-do they have a fairly extensive collection? I’d hate to bring lots of heavy books. Also, I was going to bring some small canvases & oil paints-do they have paint thinner I can use? I’m sure they dont want me bringing it. Apologies in advance if these issues have been addressed already.



    The library has walls of paperback books and lots of hardbacks. However, like most libraries the books tend to be not be the most up to date stuff. Bring down any current best sellers that you want and use the library to read the old stuff you never got around to. Carrying hardbacks are heavy to travel with. Best to bring paperbacks


    Mike’s right about the library.  As for painting… there is a arts and crafts room that has paint and supplies, but I’m not sure if it has thinner.  If you can’t find some there, make friends with a painter, and see if they can help you out – sometimes that’s just how you have to get things on the Ice…
    Good  luck


    The library is big, for Mactown, but it seems the selection isnt that great. There is a lot of paperback fiction, and a few hardbound novels. Most are from people’s airline trip, which they read, then leave behind. There was a lot of scientific type books. There was plenty to read on the subject of Antarctic exploration. I wanted to read about home decorating and remodeling, there was nothing. I wanted to read about Australia, and the only books on that subject were reference, so it was hard to read during open hours. The library is only open once a week for people on night shift….at 2am on Sunday nights. For day shifters it is open frequently after work hours.
    Amy B.


    The library is now getting lots of new books. They asked for suggestions
    last year, if you want anything special, request.

    The library is open every day for the night shift workers. The person who
    runs the education program now has her office in the library and checks out

    Last year they added a lot of reference books and info on Antarticia that u
    can check out, but the historical books have to stay in library.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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