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    Hello all, I always try to send some good pictures to cool the email inbox
    of your computer on Monday mornings..I hope these work.. The temp outside
    was -15F with out the wind…

    I just got back from Cape Evans where i toured the hut used by Capt Scott on
    his expeditions for the South Pole.

    This Wednesday is the 100th anniversary of Scott's 1st expedition to reach
    the South Pole.

    Here are a few pictures..

    As you can see i found a few items of local interest to the Patrick's on my
    email list.. There is a 90 year old bottle of Ketchup and some Baked
    Beans… and really neat wood crate from the HEINZ company.. all from back
    in Pittsburgh, PA

    There are a few pictures of the “lab” area in the hut, all the glassware
    still has fluids in them, all original, found as there were…

    There is also a picture of the “weather desk:” you can see a old corroded
    green copper anemometer, and some other recording instruments..

    In the stables i found this MYSTERY ITEM… I know what it is… can you
    guess.. email me with your guesses, i will email the correct answer later..

    For now.. have a good morning..


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    Are the animal carcass’ still laying outside the hut? They were still pretty well preserved back in ’74 and ’77.


    Still there and still frozen and dehydrated. Outside of Scott’s discovery hut is a seal. At Cape Evans there is a penguin carcass still sitting on one of the study tables.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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