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    i am new to this group and i find that the photos are great. really nice site and it is great! I was just wondering if there are times when the chat room is operational. will get back soon . also i am into ham radio and was wondering if n3sig was still at the site.
    73 Janos


    Yeah Janos, i am here for another 20 hours or so.. i fly out tomorow..


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    Dear Chris! and friends!
     Thanks for the response! By the time you read this you will be on your way and i hope that you are having a good flight. I t must be a long time in the air for anyone to travel. I know that you and friends must be pretty busy in the south and it is hard for me to imagine life there. Up here in Ohio even with these temps in the -10 to 30 range a coat and pair of ljs underneath will do. Of course you probably all know that.
    Is there anyone there that was suprised by the conditions or did everyone know ahead of time what it would be like there. I bet it is hard to start those diesel engines at those temps.
    Anyway, wishing you and the group good health,
    Janos   (John in english, i tried John as a user name but it had been taken)


    Hi Janos
    This is Mike. More or less I’m the one who has put the photo’s on this site. My wife and I have just returned for our third winter in Antarctica. I guess we are just a little crazy but so far we are enjoying it. I’ll be putting in photo’s again in a few weeks once things settle down and all the summer people leave. I tried the chat room a couple of years ago but the time difference doesn’t work to anyones advantage. For the most part we are working or asleep when most of the rest of the world has free time. Sometimes during the winter I sign on to msn Messenger. Put me on your list
    Things are really crazy here this year. We have a giant iceberg  north of us that has prevented the sea ice from melting and flowing out to sea. We’ve had a couple of icebreakers trying to keep open a path but it’s been a real mess for the boats trying to get in here. Yesterday, a week late, we finally got in our annual supply ship. It had been stuck in the channel waiting on the icebreakers to clear a path. We still have to get in our fuel ship and a science boat.
    Right now the base in on 24 hours a day operations until the boat gets unloaded. I’ll have some photo’s as soon as I can get my  computer hooked to the web.  Things are a bit too hectic now to spend too much time on the web. In a couple of weeks it will improve.
    I’ll be active on ham radio again this year. 14243 around 0300Z. sunday. That puts it on Sat. Night in the states. Listen in and give a shout if you hear me.
    take care

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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