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    Hi Mike. Things seem pretty slow on the bulletin boards these days. I hope you’re enjoying Pt. Hueneme.

    I’ve been home for about 3 weeks. The LMG couldn’t get in to Palmer so they ended up sending me out on a tourist ship. No complaints there, they treated us well. We made one stop along the way but then got weathered-out for subsequent shore landings. I had an interesting reaction to the tourist ship, however… I’d always wanted to take one of those cruises, but after having been on one now I feel it was too regimented. It would be much nicer to be on a longer, freer-format kind of ship. Just my own preference…

    On the way home I stopped off on Easter Island for a bit of scuba diving (picture attached). And that was that.

    In your message to Zondra I read that you’re headed back to Mactown next winter. Cool beans. My plans are still up in the air but I’ll let you know what happens.




    Huh. I don’t know where the uploaded picture went. Oh well.


    Ah ha! I did it wrong. One more try… -g


    Hey Grant

    PTH is great.

    We will work till after christmas then move on.

    Crap, slow all morning and a truck just pulled up just as I’m answering. . I’ll have to finish this later.



    Hi Mike and Glenn…Happy Holidays from McMurdo

    Susan M. DeSoto

    Yahoo! for Good – Make a difference this year.


    Hey Glenn…(and everyone else)…I’m currently in the second month of my thawing out..I left Pole on 11/21 and after a month tramping in the South Island I’m now in Brisbane, Australia where it has been in the 90s…should be even warmer in a week when I get to Darwin. I’m really enjoying it!
    Didn’t you do Easter Island once before? I need to do that sometime…
    One of the Pole astronomers I met at the Devon is doing the commute from the observatory in Chile, but it seems that Lan Chile flies nonstop from Santiago to Auckland nowadays…
    Merry Christmas….


    Hi Mike, Susan, Bill,

    Merry Christmas!

    Mmm, Australia sounds nice, Bill. I like being home but could sure use some of that 90F weather and sunshine. Darwin in January? Yow. That should be scorchin’.

    Any plans after PTH Mike?



    Wow glenn(and all)
    That is an incrediable photo.
    The lot we were trying to buy in Northern California wouldn’t perk, so we didn’t buy it. Back to the ice to save up some more money to try again. we may be leaving at winfly and coming back to summer so I’ll be able to catch up with the summer crowd again next year.
    We did the Queensland thing a few years ago in November and December. I never got used to the guannas. Also at 5am at the crack of dawn when all the parrots would start squawking. “Who turned on the birds?”
    I still think I like the North Island of NZ the best.
    Our contract at port Hueneme finishes up this week. It’s been a real eye opener to the complexities of getting things to the ice. I wouldn’t mind doing it again. Nothing like a winter at 60 degrees on the coast. The Tern is being finished loading as I type and should be sailing by tommorrow.
    We fly to Baltimore on the 3rd and then head to Denver for Supervisor training on the 11th for a couple of days and then to the ice.
    Happy holidays to everyone

Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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