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    Hello, I am a undergraduate (soon to be graduate) student at the University of Wisconsin-Madison. I am studying chemistry with a focus in organic. I am interested in research opportunities at or near the pole. If you can give me any information or let me know who I would need to talk to I would appreciate it.

    Thanks much!


    Hi Jayson,

    You might be able to hook up with a research group. You could try googling for Antarctic chemistry and see what turns up, or check out the NSF-funded projects to see if there’s one you’d like to work with. (I think the NSF Office of Polar Programs has a list and discription of the current projects on the NSF web site, but I haven’t surfed it lately.) From there it’s a matter of pestering the PI’s to see if they’ll take you on board. Chances are you’d end up at McMurdo, Palmer, or on the ships, since most of the science at the South Pole itself is more focused on astronomy.

    Alternatively, RPSC used to have an analytical chemist postion at McMurdo, although lately I heard that it disappeared. Still, it wouldn’t hurt to peruse the RPSC web site ( Mind you, however, it was a tedious, over-worked position. I believe the individual science groups are now asked to do their own analytical chemisty — which may work in your favor if you find a group you want to work with, and might be more adventurous.

    Well hey, if you’re at UW-Madison, go over to the Antarctic Meteorological Research Center and give Matthew Lazzara a hard time for me! He might also have some ideas about the various research groups, although his concentration is the weather.

    Good luck!


Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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