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    Hello All i made it to Christchurch, Landed here 9AM and was greeted to a
    warm NZ welcome by a cold rainy day.
    Today the weather is a bit better, sunny and a bit warmer but still in the
    middle of their winter season…
    Yesterday i spent the cold winter day swimming at Hanmer Springs, just 2
    hours north of Christchurch in the mountains lies Hanmer Springs… a
    geothermal playground for tourists and kiwis filled with hot springs and
    mineral pools..what a fun way to spend a crapy rainy day but still be

    Needles to say i had a great time in the +110F waters in the 20F rainy NZ
    day.. Here are some pictures…!!!

    I get fitted for my cold weather gear today, then leave for the ice

    See ya


    Christopher Post
    United States Antarctic Program
    McMurdo Station Antarctica
    Lehigh County Emergency Management
    Allentown, PA
    E-Mail :
    Pager: ???


    Hey Chris and everyone else coming down on the plane tomorrow. Have a safe flight.I’m going to be in the large red vehicle parked at the back of the airplane when they begin to unload it. I’ll be the one in the red coat. Look for me.
    ps. Rumor has it that they are worried about ice fog forming on the runway tomorrow. For those that don’t remember last year all the vehicle exhaust turned to fog and because there was no wind it drifted over the runway. When the airplane got here they could see to land and had to turn around and return to New Zealand. Hope it doesn’t happen to you.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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