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    I read that a collision between B15A and a glacier near McMurdo was to happen by Jan 15th. What happened?  (One site even said that a secret evacuation by US and Russian icebreakers was underway?!!)


    B15a started moving in December. It sped along and looked like it might hit the Dyrgowski(spelling?) ice tongue. The newspapers picked it up as the clash of the Titans, but in reality we thought it would break off the tip of the tongue. In the end B15a just stopped and has been sitting in the same position for the last several weeks. The news articles didn’t come out until after the berg had stopped so it’s all a bit odd to us.
    Everyone wishes B15 would start moving and get out of here. It has blocked the ocean currents for a couple of years now and has caused to sea ice in front of mcmurdo not to melt. We used to get open water at this time of year with whales and penguins. Now, with only ice and no water, we don’t see much wildlife. One day we will warm up again


    The week they posted the news story was a very quiet news week, they had nothing to put out so they decided to build it up into something more than it was. Sometimes the newspeople are short of interesting stuff and grasp at straws. Sorry for the lack of excitement.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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