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    Finally passed medical and got changed from alternate to primary. Deploy date is 11/21. I am a tin knocker. A couple of questions if someone is still checking the board.
    Is it worth mailing a small boom box to hook to an MP3 player?
    Is it worth the effort to bring my 35mm camera or just go with a inexpensive digital?
    Is it better to bring your own laptop or just use the computers provided?
    There are a hundred more questions swirling around in my head most are just what to pack.

    Thanks in advance.



    You’ll get a variety of opinions on what’s worth mailing down – it’s all personal preference. Some go with nothing at all & find what they need there, others prefer to have many of their own things. Since you’re going so late in the season, I’d try to minimize your mailing – no guarantees when it’ll get there, anyway.

    For the boom box, I’d say no unless it’s tiny & you’re planning to leave it there. I’d go with the laptop & some small speakers to supplement – don’t know if it’s still made, but I have a BoomTube which is very portable & works great. That way, you can play CDs, DVDs & mp3s without carrying separate things down for each.

    Unless you’re really into photography & want to play with advanced techniques, I really found my compact digital camera to be enough. Many times, point & shoot is fantastic, and it’s conveniently sized to keep in an inside pocket for battery life.

    Laptops are good for a lot of things, so I’d bring mine. Then, you can sort & edit pics in your room, or use it for music/movies as mentioned above. Depends if you’re planning to travel a ton afterwards, though – and whether you mind lugging it around.

    There are a few earlier threads on packing which will be a good resource, too. Have fun with the process & enjoy your 1st season!



    I definitely agree!!  Less is best!!  In my 6 seasons, I sent down just one small box each time of things I used up, such as coffee, vitamins, and lotions.  Some will send down DOZENS of boxes.  Ye gads!!
    Former Shuttle Sharon


    Hey, congrats.   The tin knocker job is always a nice job. You’ll enjoy the shop.
    I would not bring down a boom box. Too bulky and unless you are staying the winter, you won’t have enough time this year to enjoy it. You may be rooming with someone who is asleep when you are awake. Bring down a small pair of powered speakers instead. Mail them now and you might get them by Xmas. In the meantime a nice pair of headphones will work work well for quiet times.
    I would not bring down a 35mm camera unless you are a photobug. While the quality and color saturation of the 35mm is generally better, the digitals are not far behind. Seeing as you can take thousands of photos on a single chip, you will be limited to 10s or 100’s of 35mm photos. You can’t get them developed here and you won’t be able to share your antarctic experience with anyone till you get home
    Laptops–I bring one down. I like my games- music- photos etc.  I also bring a big hard drive with lots of music and room for more photos. I generally leave it in my room and don’t hook it up to the internet unless I really need to. The station computers are good for most of that.
    If all you want to do is go on the internet, then it’s a waste to carry a laptop. If you do other things, you will not be allowed to download your programs on the station computers.
    If you are staying the summer only, don’t bring down a lot of cold weather clothing. It will be warming up to the 20s shortly. Pretty much what you wear in the winter at home will suffice. Remember you have a 75lb limit. It will fill up very quickly, especially if you bring heavy workboots.
    Traveling light is nice. mail what you can, but you probably won’t get packages by christmas.


    Deployment date changed to the 24th. My return was appox. Feb. 20th on offer, but final tickets are March 18th. Is this common return time? I thought most people were shipped out middle to end of Feb. Alright no boom box, still debating 35mm. Was going to bring a digital either way.

    Any idea what the tinners are doing? Do they get to go to the field at all or just work in town?



    Hi Dave,
    The “return date” is just a date they stick on the tickets. Mine says sometime in APRIL and I’m sure not staying that long!


    The tin guys are busy people. I think most of what they do is in town. That’s where the brakes and other tools are. Everything they make has to be installed, so you get out and about a bit. While I would by no means expect it. I would imagine you might even get out to field camp or two. At least the big ones.
    Are you being hired for one of the camps?


    All I know is the offer said McMurdo. Really don’t expect to do much out of town, just hoping (like everyone else) for a side trip here or there.

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