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    I would love to get a job on the ice.

    Currently, I’m a Unix admistrator with seven years of experience — Linux, AIX and Solaris. I know Microsoft Windows pretty well because that’s our clients’ OS. I also have networking experience.

    I’m planning on going to the job fair next April in Denver — I know applying now is basically too late for this year.

    What would be the best strategy to apply for a job with Raytheon Polar Services? I wouldn’t mind doing other duties such as food preparation and cleaning; or anything else. However, I at least want some kind of focus in my current profession.

    As far as PQs? I have no problem with basic physicals, but do they insists on probing body cavities?


    What I did to get hired this year as a Sys Admin was simply attend the job fair, remember the names of the hiring managers and then stalk them by phone every couple of weeks until I got the impression they would hire me (stalked is perhaps a strong term, but I did nag a little).  NOTE:  My hiring manager seemed rather impressed by the fact I had actually flown out to the job fair and wasn’t a local, I think that scored me some points.
    I’m thinking getting a Sys Admin type job is actually easier than getting a DA-type of position.  While I had competition for the position, I’m sure, it looked like so many people were applying for the other positions that it would be harder to stand out (reminds of the cattle call environ my actor friends talk about). 
    As far the PQ is concerned, the body cavity search depends on age.  They just want to make sure there will be no surprises when you get to the ice.
    Good luck next year, who knows, perhaps if I like the ice we’ll meet next summer.


    As far as PQing and body cavity probes – yes, the examiner will look into your nose, mouth, ears, and if you’re female, a PAP will be done.  A rectal exam for occult blood is also required.  A prostate exam is mandatory for males.  No worries.


    While you probably won’t get looked at this year, there is no sense in being timid. Go ahead and apply over the web, call, and if anyone will listen to you, let them know you can quit your present job and be in Antarctica on a moments notice.
    Palmer station is much smaller than pole or McM, but they are year round so mayber there will be a position opening there.
    Yes, you will have a body cavity search. As the others said. They want no surprises.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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