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    From : 
    “mike+lorie poole”
    To :
    Subject : 
    Re: Antarctica equip
    Date : 
    Wed, 31 Jul 2002 00:38:18 +0000
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    > Greetings! This letter is from Mike Poole at McMurdo, he was kind enough to write back to a FuNGy or, uh, “Fresh New Guy” like me with lots of great advice for first timers heading down. My letter follows his, but it isn’t necessary to read to get his drift.

    Best, Hunter


    Hi hunter,

    Well first of all you will be provided with a heavy carhart jacket, a light carhardt jacket, a pair of carhardt coveralls and all the work gloves etc you will need. You can also request extra items at the clothing center in Christchurch, so I wouldn’t load up on bulky things like that unless you have a real preference. At the very least don’t carry them, mail them down. Things that are marked winfly may get there may not, it depends on storms, emergency shipments etc. If it misses the winfly window it should be down early in october. The same goes for the rest of the mail. It only comes down when there is room on the plane. You should get everything mailed for october flights by mid November. Most of it will come on time. The first part of the summer will be cold, but by the end you will probably be disappointed with how warm it can get in the summer. Lot’s of returning people bring their own jackets, I think more to provide some individuality. You will find out that everyone looks the same in an issue red parka.

    If you like good coffee. Send it down with a grinder. and coffee pot. Many use a french press as it is easier to deal with. I have a water heater and a press so I can use it for tea or coffee. You can buy beans in the store. They are better than the years old folgers, but not as nice as good fresh stuff. Lots of people pick up their beans for winfly in Cheech (Christchurch) and then mail down the rest for later. If you are staying the winter it’s more important to have a good supply as there is no mail service from February until the end of August at winfly.

    Summer is a time of comraderie. There are lot’s of get togethers, parties, activities etc. If you plan on going to the halloween party, bring down a costume. You won’t regret it. Also Thanksgiving and Christmas dinners are special occaisions. If you would normally enjoy dressing up and going out to dinner then send down something nice. Some even send down a tux. You will probably be invited to birthday parties, so keep your eye out for small little trinkets that would make nice gifts. There are gifts in the store, but everyone knows them. Sometimes a yoyo or balloons etc make a cheap gift that is fun.

    By all means buy a digital camera. It’s the only way to share photo’s back home. Lot’s of people put photo’s on the local web to share, but it is nice to have your own. Many of the camera’s need software and a computer so you might bring one down. In the summer no one can hook to the web from their rooms. There are hookups around town so if you want to browse the web you can. Most enjoy having a laptop, but it is bulky to carry around. If you get one make sure it has a cd burner and bring lots of blank cd’s. Most of the cameras these days take photos that are too big to put on an old fashioned floppy.

    I’ve been collecting goodies for years now. If you plan on coming back year after year, then you may enjoy having more of the creature comforts. We’ve collected microwave ovens, stereos, bread makers etc that we store from year to year. It makes the winter nicer. When you get down , right away start checking the “skua piles”. All the stuff that people don’t want any more. You’ll find plenty of goodies if you are diligent. People are begining to pack now for winfly and throwing out there stuff. I just scored a nice yellow fleece jacket and an ergonomic keyboard to use as an auxillary with my laptop.

    If you are a musician. Bring down your instruments. There are lots of bands that form as well as people who just get together and have fun.

    When you get to Christchurch, be prepared for one of the nicest cities you’ll ever visit. If you are a drinker, Bailies Bar in the square is where everyone in the program eventually meets up. Sort of the USAP’s patron bar. If the weather is bad and your flight down gets delayed then see as much of the sights around cheech as you can. You won’t regret it.

    that is the quick version. I’m sure I left out lots but it’s enough to get you going.

    If you wouldn’t mind. This is stuff lots of people would like to see. would you copy the letter and put it on the message board on my web page. Generally I ask that people leave questions there so I  can share the answers with everyone. The problem this winter is I just don’t have time to keep it up the way I should.



    Everything you wanted to know about living in Antarctica

    Visit Mike and Lorie’s Antarctic Memories website.

    >From: “Hunter Bachrach”
    >Subject: Antarctica equip
    >Date: Tue, 30 Jul 2002 06:20:32 -0700

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    From : 
    “Hunter Bachrach”
    To :
    Subject : 
    Antarctica equip
    Date : 
    Tue, 30 Jul 2002 06:20:32 -0700
    Hey Mike, thanks for getting back! Being a FNG’y and all, I don’t want to pack 9 tons of crap down there and still not have what a guy really needs. I heard the coffee sucks, so I’m bringing beans, what about the milk? Powdered milk? Hows it in java?

    You know, I’ll be honest, I’m neither a party machine nor an outdoorsy type. I hope to write a bit, read a lot, exercise as needed and play some volleyball. Are there DVD’s to swap about there? Would you recommend bringing a laptop?

    As an electrician, I’m bringing mid-weight boots, lots of Carhartts, etc.

    In that I can’t bring enough lettuce to have any effect on the lack of green stuff to eat, what else is there that one really misses down there?

    Any insight would be greatly appreciated. Will the stuff I shipped APO marked WINFLY really get there?

    Best wishes, see you on the 24th theoretically. Hunter Bachrach 

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