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    I’m curious on everyone else’s time line to the ICE is panning out. I leave on the 19 for Denver for training. After training, it’s out to LAX for a 6 hour layover before leaving for Aukland. My best friend lives in LA (S. Hollywood, actually). Would it be feasible to meet her for dinner while I’m there? Or would that screw with me getting back on to the plane? I’m used to 1-2 hour lay-overs where this isn’t an issue.

    Anyhoo…I’ll then fly to Aukland and then to ChCh where I will be staying at Hotel So.



    I’ve had a friend (of a friend) meet me at the LAX airport international terminal for dinner…works well enough, I would recommend against leaving the airport for such a rendezvous, however.


    Hmmm lost my post somehow.

    Trumpetguy, Looks like I am on your flight down. I leave for Denver on the 19th, so see you there. Once on the airplane, I’ll be the person with the red parka. I think we will be flying down on an airbus instead of the C17. A little more comfy, I’m sure, but no room for bags, they come the next flight. We will need a carry on. I have enough old clothing there that it should not be a problem.

    Leaving the Airport for dinner.

    Well it used to be all of us had to walk from the domestic terminal to the international terminal. Leave security and go back through again. It was a pain, the security people at international would not accept the Amercian Airlines issued boarding pass and we had to stand in line at the ticket counter to get new ones. It took forever and the only reason we didn’t miss our plane is that we would get reticketed seperately as a group which sped things up. On days where they had extra security, it was a real pain. On the lesser days you got through pretty quick.

    These days the program has contracted with AA to shuttle us directly from domestic to international without having to leave security. Lots better. If it were me I would not leave the terminal for dinner. Wait till Feb when you come home.


    What’s the typical timeline in Denver? Is it arrive the night before, orientation/training the following day, then off to LA that same day or the next?

    And is the Denver orientation/training available any day, or do they try to group people together on some days but not others? I’m getting going on the process late, my manager initially mentioned coming to Denver on October 1. But that’s a Friday so I’m not it’s feasible to arrive on a Friday and do the training the same day.

    Add to that, I’m an alternate for winter so I’m supposed to do a psych exam. Timing wise I don’t really have time to go to Denver this month even if I’m in and back home the same day. The admin that schedules the psych exams wasn’t sure if it would be available at McMurdo this year.

    Ideally I’d like to head to Denver on Sunday evening Oct 3, do orientation Monday, psych exam Tuesday morning, then leave Tuesday afternoon/evening for the DEN-LAX-CHC.


    The denver orientation usually has you flying into denver in the late afternoon and you get shuttled to your hotel. The next morning you go off to the main office for a full day of safety, training paperwork ect. Management people stay a little longer that day. Day two back at the office for more training. Garbage, sexually harrasment in the workplace, more safety etc etc. it ends at lunchtime. A bus arrives to pick you up and bring you to the airport. A several hour wait is next. Then a multi hour flight to LAX. Long layover and then a long long long flight to Aukland or Sydney. Short layover and a 2 hour flight to Cheech. Go to your hotel. Next morning back to the CDC for Clothing. Next morning 5 hour flight to the ice.

    Paid for time in Denver office. No pay while traveling.

    You are on the payroll once you arrive in Cheech. Weather delays push back to the flight to the ice as needed. All on the payroll.

    I don’t think there is any time in the sked to do a psych eval on your orientation day. They usually fly you out for a day prior to that to do the exam.


    The problem then is that the doctor only does the exams Tuesday-Thursday. Monday would be better. A possibility could be to see if I could arrange day 1 of training Monday, psych Tuesday, day 2 training & start of travel on Wednesday. But it only works if all the training and orientation is available every day. I’ll just have to talk to medical, HR, etc and see what the options are. Ideally they’ll be able to do it in McMurdo, I’ll have the rest of the winter medical/dental done this week.


    It never hurts to ask. I wouldn’t count on them changing the process for one person though. Good luck.

    AGE Dave

    Got my itinerary this morning and had it finalized…Hope this gives you all a bit of time frames that are about to happen….just insert your dates…the effect will be the same….long and grueling if you let it be….

    Drink lots of WATER on the Pacific flight, as you will get dehydrated. Sleep/rest when you can at any and all of the airports….don’t get drunk at the Bradley International Terminal because you may not be allowed to board and get bounced off the flight….almost certain termination of contract for this type of action.

    I am in Denver the night of the 5th, then training 6th of October and more training half day the 7th and then an afternoon flight to LAX. The Pacific flight American Airlines ticket is actually on an Airbus A330 (nice plane) Qantas flight and leaves LAX 11:40 pm and arrives 13.5 hours later at 9:10 am in Auckland the morning of October 9th (you cross the dateline) then a 12:30 pm flight from AUK to CHC….Then the CDC for gear issue the 10th…..then Ice flight October 11th…..

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