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    I’m sure many experience this but I still haven’t heard exactly when I am leaving. I am expecting training & deployment in about 3 weeks, maybe a few days less. So far no paperwork or information about my flight or travel dates. Something wrong or is everyone else patiently waiting? My current employer is really starting to insist I give my final notice!

    RPSC must hate the same questions they get by phone and e-mail about this time every year.


    I’m in the same boat. I’ve been told to expect to be deployed soon but haven’t heard a word as to when, exactly.


    I would call and find out your date. If for no other reasons than to make sure you haven’t fallen through the cracks. With thousands of people to process at this time of year, there is a lot of potential for things to go wrong.
    That being said, every dept requests all their people down on the first flights. There isn’t enough room, so people are being bumped right and left. It may be that your date to deploy is waiting for spots on a plane.


    Hello… joining the ranks on the waiting!  I’m scheduled for the training in – well in 3 weeks!  WOW….
    Do all departments go through the same orientation at Denver?  If so – it will be nice to meet up with the people from this board.
    See you later!


    I spoke with some people at Raytheon and got a definitive date. I would suggest you call your point of contact listed on the offer letter or the travel department. They can give you your exact planned departure date. Like it was said there are alot of people they need to get processed through so getting information out to everyone can be a chore.


    Thanks… I do have a “date”…. (Oct 5)…. what I’m waiting on is the actual flight itinerary.  I would love to have my paperless tickets in my hot little hands!


    I just called them myself and got the information and a good thing too…. my last day to submit my two weeks notice is today. Calling them up feeling like I was bothering someone was not my intention but surely there is a better way to get this necessary information out. In a few days I should receive an actual iternary e-mail.


    You might as well get used to a popular ice phrase –
    Semper Gumby
    (always flexible)
    The USAP is not your normal corporation, and Antarctica is not your typical worksite.  Dates are merely guidelines, for planning purposes only.  Nothing, and I mean nothing, is set in concrete until it actually happens.
    No expectations, no disappointments. 


    The travel department is your friend. Call them for info. They will help you or at least tell you what the problems are. They are scrambling trying to ticket 1000 people all in the same month. By now if you are on one of the first flights your dates should be narrowed down.
    However, as atlas said, things go wrong all the time. The US to NZ portion of you trip should be no more challenging than any flight.  Your boss tries to get a firm date for you to be in Denver and then on to NZ. They try to make ticket arrangements and boom no flights available. Then they start to scramble, you get flown all over the country trying to get you  to Denver. It is common for there not be any flights to NZ on the day you are supposed to fly as well. We had at least a half dozen people in my Denver class, that had to fly to Australia and then back to NZ in order to get to Christchurch on time.
    Imagine if you were trying to coordinate all of this all at once.

Viewing 9 posts - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)
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