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    Hey everyone,
    I recently accepted a Dining Room Attendant Position for the upcoming WINFLY in August. I’ve got a few questions about what to pack. I’ve got the packing suggestions in the Participant Guide that Raytheon sends out but i’m curious if anyone has any tips on what to take for the job I’ll be doing. Specific clothes ect… Is there anyway to get in contact with somone who has previously or is currently doing the DA job? Any tips on travel in Christ Church?
    Scott Fuller
    Denver, CO


    In the past the dining facility provided clothes for your work hours. Blue shirts with checkered pants. Something to do with sanitation? I don’t know. Zondra, can you shed some light.


    On another note as a first timer you will probably overpack on warm outdoor clothes. While it’s cold when you first arrive, by the mid summer the temps go above freezing most days and you won’t need much more than a couple layers of tshirts and a light jacket. Here is a good hint they won’t tell you in the book. When you get to clothing distribution, look on the wall at all the available clothing. You will see a lightweight red columbia sportswear jacket that is perfect for those lazy days of summer. It won’t be on your issue, you will have to ask for it. Another good extra choice are the field trousers. They are wind resisistant and will keep you fairly warm if you have a pair of sweats on underneath.
    Other things to pack. Bring a halloween costume. The party is one of the summer highlights. Some get very elaborate.
    bring a pair of tennis shoes for the gyms. You can wear them around town, but be forewarned that the volcanic rock will wear them out pretty quick. A pair of lightweight hiking shoes is a good idea for everyday shoes. Except on the coldest of days, or when you are hiking out on the Castle Rock loop, you will not want to wear your bunny boots. The bunny boots are warm, but not so comfortable.
    So that you don’t look like a thousand other fingies in a red coat, bring something colorful that sets you apart from everyone else. -a hat, scarf etc.
    pack light- it’s a real pain to be lugging a ton of clothes halfway across the world.
    You can send clothes in the mail, but sometimes you won’t get your mail until christmas, halfway through the season. If you do mail. Send in very small packages that can be thrown in small places on the planes. Big packages can sit a long time. Best yet is to send in Priority Mail envelopes.
    No guarantees, but sometimes it will speed things up.


    Hi, Scott –

    My name’s Hunter Slaton, and I’ll also be a Dining Attendant at McMurdo this upcoming summer (though I won’t be going down for WINFLY).

    Looking forward to working with ya down there!


    Hunter S.


    Scott, Hunter & all you other Winfly DA’s,
    Congrats on getting the Winfly positions (Hunter, I’m glad you decided to take it this time)… Mike is pretty right-on with what to bring.  My advice is to bring fun colorful stuff. If you have a goofy Hawain shirt, bring that, etc.  At work you will have blue shirts and black pants, and when you’re out in the cold, you get your red parka and all that other ECW.  Hat’s are the most distinguishing part, so bring your own hat, so that people can recognize you out in the cold. 
    My good friend LaVonne (who was a DA last year) will be the lead DA for Winfly, and will be training you guys.  At main body, she will be switching jobs…  You’ll love working with her, she’s a great lady (I just saw her last week in San Fran).
    Good luck on getting everything figured out…


    As a former DA. I agree with Mike and Zondra.  Work clothing is furnished.  Just bring your leisure things and gym things.  T-shirts and sweatshirts mainly.  Comfortable shoes to be on your feet 10 hours a day!!
    Good luck!


    I’ll make the list later, but while I’m thinking about it the subject of shoes bears some merit. What not to bring are steel toe shoes. Because of luggage weight restrictions, I think it’s best to wear your heaviest shoes on the airplane and use the weight you save for other items. Steel toe shoes will set off every metal detector in every airport, from here to kingdom come. Not to mention that the steel gets very cold and will freeze your toes if you are outdoors for any length of time
    I try to by hiking shoes that have some padding in them. They tend to be a little bit warmer.The soles should have some kind of tread, but beware of very hard soles. They can be slippery on ice. The softer soles grip better but will wear down fast on the volcanic rock of McM.
    If you don’t send down the right shirts, it’s no big deal because the store has plenty of shirts to buy, both long and short sleeved. Shoes are another matter. None for sale.If your shoes fall apart by the end of the season, what do you do?. Best to have a spare pair.
    just a thought

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