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    Hi all,

    Long time, no post…

    Way back when I took this site on, the costs to me were minimal. Hosting is no problem, I just run the site on a cheap VPS box that I use for all kinds of other things. The domain at the time was free. It’s hosted via a service called dyndns. Over the years, they have changed their billing structure and the free services are no longer free. I have moved many things away from that as I just don’t need it and the only remaining service I have on that platform is this domain name and I am unwilling to continue to pay for it. It costs me $55/year at this point and that is simply ridiculous for a subdomain.

    So….I see three ways forward. I’m happy to hear other ideas.

    1. I’ll get a different domain – probably something registered on Freenom and begin redirecting to that. This is probably going to start happening sooner than later. It’s easy enough to undo if one of the other options becomes viable.
    2. Y’all, the forum users, can raise funds to continue to pay for the current domain.
    3. Y’all, the forum users, find another individual or entity who is not me to mind all of this.

    If anyone has any input I’m happy to hear it.


    Just to follow-up on the above, a free domain has been registered via and will redirect to that until it expires (May 2022)


    Let me know if I can help. No great ideas on better solutions, but happy to put a few dollars towards keeping things simple and hope of course that activity builds up again.


    Outstanding move, Will!

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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