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    I am an environmental health and safety professional (ASP) looking to get down to the ice for the first time. Does anyone have advice or experience landing an EH&S job?


    It seems that most folks who fill those positions only do a season or two – good news for someone who wants one of those jobs.

    I’d recommend you go to and apply for the position. Keep in mind that (last time I checked) Antarctic positions are listed as being in Centennial, CO (where RPSC is headquartered). Also keep an eye on that site for any announcement of the upcoming job fair, though program veterans who attended the last one didn’t give the job fair good reviews.


    I’ve been following a few job postings since late last summer. They don’t appear to have been filled. Is it common to for jobs to go unfilled?

    Also when do they update jobs from season to season? Some jobs are still posted for summer 2008-2009.


    EH&S is one of those specialized positions with not a lot of slots, as compared to, say, carpenter. For my 2005 Pole winter they were unable to find a replacement winter safety person for Pole in time so we didn’t have any…there are some more extremely critical positions such as physician and power plant mechanic that if unfilled, basically HAVE to be, and that is what the major HR effort can be late in the season.

    I mentioned carpenters, last year around this time they were still frantically searching for Pole w/o carpenters…mainly from summer or summer/winter folks at McMurdo since by this time realistically it is not possible to get PQ’d for the winter from scratch. We did end up with an excellent construction crew after all.

    All this effort to actually hire or rearrange folks from existing sources this late in the season probably takes priority over updating the rayjobs site to delete the summer positions or post any high priority last-minute needs. At this point (assuming you’ve already applied for something, remembering that the rare plum Palmer Station opportunity may pop up at any time) I’d focus on next season.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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