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    hi, i’m connie weaver, my husband john was there last year, worked for bobby werner in the heavy duty shop til he hurt his back 12/20/03 and was med-evac’d out mid january 04.  ok, enuf about me for now, here’s why i’m writing.  my mom, who lives with us, says she just heard on the radio that mcmurdo was being evacuated due to a 100 mile long iceberg that broke off and is somehow threatening the base.  now, mom IS 77, has LOADS of medical conditions AND she heard it on ART BELL’S all nite radio program (Art does attract his fair share of wackos).  so…………who knows.
    we were in the middle of  a minor medical crisis due to john’s back already tonite, so i don’t really feel up to seaching all the news online, but both john and are were obviously concerned and interested enuf to want to know what, if anything, is going on.
    mike, john said hi, also wants to know if anyone’s leaving via nuclear submarine this year ;-)))))) (i loved that one last year).
    re john’s back, he’d be there again now if it weren’t for his back……he had a 2nd spinal fusion 8/26/04 and just isn’t recovering this time like he did from the fusion he had done 4 years ago.  long story, enuf to say he misses the whole adventure, but heavy duty mechanic can’t be in his future anymore, so he talks now about wanting to train for maybe computer/network admin or security, or maybe try for a mgmnt position in the heavy duty shop.  i’d love the chance to go too, but i’ve been so in love with my just turned 3 year old step-grandson (never had/wanted kids) and since i was also an only child, i’m so busy being a grandma, mom and big sister all at once that i know i’d miss way too much if i was gone for 6 months.
    anyway, it’s just after 4am here and jake (grandson) and i are the only ones still up (yes, we live a really weird schedule), so i’m gonna go try to tuck the little guy in (mostly he INSISTS on sleeping with us) and check back here tomorrow afternoon when we drag ourselves up to start another busy day.
    of course, we all hope mom misunderstood and everybody’s safe and normal, at least, as normal as you can be at 56 below (the temp the day john arrived in aug, 03…….yeah, i know, it’s summer now).
    waiting impatiently for a reply…………….connie 


    No evacuation. Iceberg isn’t threatening the station in any way. It’s only making it more difficult for the ships to get in and out. We still have planes when the weather’s good. No panic here. Art Bell’s funny, but an idiot.
    – brien


    What do you mean no panic? if they do not get more drink in here we are going to start having to drink the water instead, if thats not reason to panic what is?


    well, i’ve got a bottle of jim beam that has Lucky written all over it … or maybe that’s something about “to get lucky” … either way, I’m happy to share it with ya …. and yes, our liquour stocks are at severe levels. If iceberg hysteria gets us an emergency flight from Cheech with the latest and greatest adult beverages (absinthe anyone), then let it put the smack down.
    waiting for doom


    Hey Brien,
    I have half a bottle of Absinthe, a full bottle of Jack, Bombay Sapphire and three bottles of tonic water that I’m saving for ship offload (I don’t like to concept of dry weeks).
    If I meet ya, I’ll let ya know when the open bar is.


    Hi Connie
    The internet has slowed to a crawl here this summer so I’m a bit late getting answers to people. Tell John that all is well down here. The iceberg has moved to the north which allowed the ships to all get in. The fuel tanker left this morning and the container ship comes in on thursday. The russian icebreaker is standing by. In the end the ice was thin enough that we didn’t really need a rescue, but on the other hand, if things had stayed the way they looked when we first requested them, they would have been station savers. So, from my end a big thanks to them for standing by.
    Hope John gets better. Will he be coming back when he heals or is this it for him.

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