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    I know it’s a long shot this late, but I found out I will be without a job after October 14th. I’m planning on attending school in New Zealand starting late February, with orientation on Februrary 13th.

    All of the FAQs mention the Summer session being from October through February, with no mention of specific dates. Does it vary by job or do they tend to pack most people in or out at a specific time? Do I have any chance whatsoever? I’d love to do something memorable with these 4 months. The only real professional experience I have is testing websites, so I would likely need to apply for an unskilled position.


    Hi Brian,

    I’m about to head down to McMurdo (9/29) for my first season on the ice, which is scheduled to end Feb 26 for me. Not sure whether that’s average or if you can get jobs that end sooner, but it’s one little bit of info for you. Best of luck with whatever you end up doing!



    Departure (“redeployment”) from McMurdo depends on your job, the flight schedule, the weather, etc., so it’s hard to pin down an exact date. Sometime in Feb is about as good as it gets, but if you got a job offer you could tell them “I gotta be off the Ice by xxx date” and see what they say. They might say Yes.

    Good luck!


Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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