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    A question looking back at Antarctica work instead of looking forward to it…

    Somewhere I read that moving expenses for employment in Antarctica, like most jobs, are deductible on your annual taxes.
    I’ve been studying IRS publication 521 at
    and do not see how you can work around the time test. As a contract employee I was at McMurdo for 18 weeks between October and February, far from the 39 weeks noted in the above linked text. Although the one loop hole mentioned is my relocation, arrival, and departure may be arguable for my “employer’s benefit”.

    I know this board may not have its own resident tax expert however some of you lifers may point how where you enter this deduction if it applies. My expenses for storage of my belongings during my contract was one payment in October 07 for ~$500. Form 3903 looks to be the appropriate form however my tax software spits it back at me cause of the employment length…

    – A.T.


    The 39-week time test need not be with the same employer. In other words, if you physically moved your residence greater than 50 miles before or after working on the Ice, and took a job with another employer after your Ice contract, then you can use the entire time span to pass the 39 week test.

    If you simply returned to the same home, then I don’t think you qualify.

    I believe winter-overs can usually take this deduction for storage of their belongings because of the length of time they’re on the Ice. Be sure to include mileage, truck rental, and other moving expenses as well.


    AT, you’re amazing.  Still trying to press two pennies together to get a dime.   
    Whatever happened to thanking one’s lucky stars for the privilege of getting to work in Antarctica (and with ME, no less)?  Certainly that’s worth any kind of penny-ante deduction you’re after…
    Many happy (tax) returns.


    It’s OK to admit to everyone you wish you had taken all those deductions!  This from the guy who is now self employeed for the first time ever.


    I asked the person doing my taxes if mailing my boxes each year would count as a moving expense. She didn’t think so. On the other hand, since we were living in Southern California and now we just got new jobs in Crescent City, we can deduct the cost of the moving van next year.


    Oh yes Atlas, A T always trying to make a dollar out of 59 cents.

    Looks like it will not work out with moving back to the same city and same job in my case. On the bright side tonight I just earned a triple digit win from a scratch off!

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