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    Well, I’ve received instructions on filling out timecards and filling out an expense report.

    So there it is. Expense report, not travel funds.



    Hey Webster,
      More than likely you will receive travel benefits.  Expense reports are for re-imbursement for things like your out of pocket expenses for your physical, dental exam  or if you have other training before you deploy.  Your immediate supervisor should know. 
     If you would like to know for sure, let me know your name,  position and date you are headed to the Pole, and I will try to find out for you.  

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    Yep, Susan’s right – everyone has to go through that training (even though WebTE wasn’t working when the first Winfly bunch went through).  You’ll still get your travel fund in Denver, then some expense money when you get to Christchurch.
    So far, it’s status quo.
    (thank goodness)


    Forgive me for jumping in here since I’ve never worked for Denver, but I did do a bit of research on this subject recently for a friend who asked about it.

    RPSC has put together a collection of relevant deployment paperwork on the usap.gov web site, the short answer is that (according to the web page PDF file) the WebTE is for expenses related to PQ, training and similar things, but that a travel fund will also be issued as usual for contract employees. [Aside, as a T-event working for another contractor last winter, none of this was applicable to me, and I had to submit expense reports to my employer.]

    This is a 1.7 mb pdf file which is actually a collection of various deployment information documents and forms separately created by a number of RPSC departments. The direct link is http://www.usap.gov/travelAndDeployment/documents/Employpack.pdf but it is publicly available by going to http://www.usap.gov , click the “USAP participants” tab, click on “travel and deployment”, then click on “deployment packets”, next click on “RPSC Employee” under ENTIRE PACKETS.

    Once you have grabbed this pdf file, search it for “travel fund” and the page you find will state that you get a travel fund for normal deployment expenses, but further down the page it describes WebTE for certain other reimbursable expenses related to training (but not TDY in Denver).

    If you search the file for “WebTE it will also turn up the page describing the use of this system for PQ expenses.

    Your mileage may vary, as said elsewhere “check with your supervisor.”

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