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    Hello, I’ve been reading the discussion page in consideration of applying in April. I am a locksmith, by trade, and have met a couple of guys going through the locksmith school in preperation for their trip down. I’ve not seen any position online that describes “locksmith duties”. Does it include experience in other areas as well…maybe maintenance/heating and AC? (lol-like you’d need that. Just open the door!)
    Anyway, if you have any information on what all that position entails, I would love to know if I’m closely qualified.


    The locksmith person down here works out of the UT (utilities) shop, as a UT, but also takes care of all the keys in town as well.  I don’t know much else about that position, though.


    The locksmith is a UT (utility technician).  While they also take care of the locks, there isn’t enough work for a full time locksmith. Mostly a UT can be thought of as a bit of a handyman. If anything breaks they get to fix the item. Everything from furnaces, ovens, washers and dryers etc all fall to the UT dept. A good example of a UT would be the person in a big hotel who gets called when something doesn’t work. They aren’t experts but they need to know a little about plumbing, electrical, appliances and in general, just how everything works.
    When things aren’t broken, the UT’s take care of different zones around MCM. They do a furnace check each day on each building, and do any preventive maintenace required.


    Thanks to both you and Mike. I thought it would be a position with multiple duties and appreciate that info. Still working on getting there…. Val

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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