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    Hi everyone! I wish I had found this forum before I attended the job fair on Friday. However, all of this is still valuable info. I’ve spent all weekend combing through this forum and iceboard. Good for next year’s preparation. My story is very much like everyone else here. I REALLY want to work in Antarctica. I don’t care what the job is, summer, winter, or how long the contract lasts (though better if longer). Anyway, I was hoping that one of you can help me, so I can be “persistent” in my quest. 🙂 I wrote down the name of the hiring manager I talked to, but I left my entire binder on the plane. My mind must have been too occupied or something. 🙂 I applied for all of the helpdesk and computer tech positions available. I’ve been a sysadmin for 7 years. Heck, I applied for DA, GA, and Admin Assistant too. The manager I talked to at the fair was Teresa. She’s hiring for the helpdesk, computer tech, IT Trainer positions. I can’t remember her last name. Does anyone know her last name or her email address? She mentioned the next step was a technical interview. I would like to email her next week to let her know that I appreciated her time at the fair, and the little reminders that I’m still interested in working hard for her.

    Thanks so much for reading and for keeping up this forum.


    I wish I had your answer, I met with Teresa amongst others, however I am not looking to hire in until October 2008.
    God I loved the area around the job fair.
    The BBQ at Brother’s BBQ was amazing.

    I wonder if you had an adventure like I had.

    I left Detroit at 12 noon on Thursday..
    Flew to Denver Via Atlanta on Airtran (airline #1).. Arrived at 5PM Denver time.
    Found a nice $17 Rental via Payless (a chevy cobalt)
    and even rented the GPS (great idea!)
    However the Hotel Addy would not register on the GPS.
    Had to enter other cities until it worked.

    Stayed at the Candlewood Suites.. (another great idea)
    Met someone from West Virginia who rode to the job fair with me..

    Then my return home… First I spent only $8 in gas (thats like 3 gals!).
    Flew Back to Detroit at 6pm..
    Denver to Chicago was on United.. (Airline #2 for those keeping score..)
    Then… This is not a misprint..
    I spent the night in Ohare airport.. 9 hours.
    I wish the benches were more comfortable.

    Saturday Morning.. Chicago to Detroit on Northwest
    (Thats Airline #3 for those of you playing at home).

    I met some great folks at the fair and some even looked familiar from some of the various blog photos.

    I am so hoping to get in for next year… My problem was a number of folks did not have business cards.. Sigh.
    I had an amazing discussion with one interviewer and I am working on bettering myself to visit next year, however she was just a temp for the fair and didnt know if she would be around in 12 months.. Sigh.

    I was a total lurker here and I appreciate the contibutions of everyone.



    Nikk1 —
    Drop me a personal note, and I’ll tell you what you need to know.
    Sr. Computer Tech, McMurdo Station


    Sounds like Atlas has you covered.
    As to the temp, keep in touch and ask if you can write the person over her.


    THANK YOU, Atlas and Mike!

    James – Sorry to hear about your return flight. Mine was a breeze. My flight left Seattle at 6AM and I got home that night at 7 PM. Nothing exciting like sleeping on benches…



    I was the guy from WV. Thanks for the ride to the job fair.

    I had my own rather exciting and not entirely pleasant trip home. No overnight in a terminal though.

    I thought that I had a direct flight from Denver to Pittsburg but I didn’t see the fine print that said “multiple stops” or something to that effect. I never had to get off the plane but on the way to Pittsburg we stopped at Kansas City, St. Louis, and Chicago. Up, down, up, down, you get the idea. This at the same time as a major storm system in the midwest. With the short hops Southwest doesn’t request and can’t get the higher altitude routes so we were in the top of the storm system the whole way instead of above it. Drink service was cancelled on two of the hops because the turbulence was so bad that the pilot was afraid that the flight attendants would get injured and the passengers would get a drink shower. Now I’ve been around airplanes all my life and even done some mild aerobatics in small planes but a half an hour or so of continuous pounding got old pretty quick. I was watching the wing tips jump up and down as the wings bent to absorb some of the hits we were taking and started thinking about fatigue cycles and the fatigue life of aluminum structures. A couple of minutes of that and I decided that I should stop thinking for a while, close my eyes, and take a nap.

    The landings weren’t all that good either except for the last one in Pittsburg. We changed flight crews at the Chicago stop and apparently the copilot that took over was on the ball. The previous three landings were all of the bang, slam, lurch type. When we touched down in Pittsburg my only indication that the wheels were on the ground was when the spoilers on the wing popped in response to wheel speed.

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