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    Hey everyone,
    I talked to DSG this morning on the phone and got my flight times. I’ll be leaving Denver on Aug 22nd and arriving in LAX at 5:30pm. Then leaving LAX at 9:40pm. It’s on American Airlines. Sounds like everyone is on the same flight.  I’ve never been to LAX before but we should find a place to meet.
    The person that I talked to this morning at DSG told me that we are allowed to take two bags totalling 75 lbs PLUS a small carry on such as a back pack that won’t count against are weight requirements. She also told me that we would be allowed to take the carry on with us on the flight from Christ Church to the Ice. Is this true? When I read the participants guide I thought is said we are just allowed the 75 lbs.
    See you guys soon,


    You are allowed a carry-on on the cheech-Mcm flight. It doesn’t count against your weight limit but it has to fit into a 2 cubic foot space so you can’t make it too large. In previous years they have wavered on laptops as a second carry-on. Some flights allow it some do not. I’m carrying mine down, but will be prepared to pack everything into one carry on if I have to. I would probably pack the charger and cables and extra items into the checked luggage and hand carrry the expensive stuff.


    Scott, it looks like a number of us will be on the same flight. Are you living in
    Denver or are you down for training?
    I’m not sure which hotel I’m in. I’m assuming it’s the Courtyard by Marriot. But I can’t tell by the itinerary listing.
    Below is the listing from the travel webpage.

    Wed, Aug 18-Sun, Aug 22:  CY COURTYARD DEN SOUTH    

    Address: 8320 SOUTH VALLEY HIGHWAY   Check In: Aug 18  
      ENGLEWOOD CO 80112   Check Out: Aug 22  
    Phone: 720-895-0300  





    Yea, I live in Denver. I looked up the hotel you are
    staying in on yahoo maps and it's actually only about
    2 miles from the restaurant I bartend at. If you guys
    get an evening off you should come in and have dinner
    or drinks.

    — Antarctic memories

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    Your checked bags from CHC to the Ice will be weighed and must be 75 lbs or less. This amount is your personal items PLUS all the ECW gear you are issued and are not wearing. Your carry-on is not weighed, but must fit under the seats (seats? on a military plane?) When you dress into your ECW for the flight, stuff your pockets full to carry even more on. They will weigh you (your body) to get the accurate weights for the flight.
    Coming to you from one of your load planners,
    Amy B.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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