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    Baghdad Jim

    I didn’t think about this until I saw a posting somewhere about 77 people coming in on one flight….
    All the FNG’s that come in, does Colorado ever tell them about these pages and others like it as an addition to their online ‘survival guide’?  I find the info here and on others as being far greater in realistic value than what RPSC puts out.  Yea, they have all the basic pertinant info but it’s rather sterile in a military way…like it was a deployent over here instead of a “prepare for your personal for the next ‘X’ months”.
    I can see them not recommending blogs…if nothing more than on grounds of being corporate policy against possible bias—but this site pretty much is the most valuable thing I’ve seen for realistic expectations.


    Jim, this one used to be listed on the usap site, but when they re did the site, they took out all the references to personal sites. The number of people who have found this one dropped off dramatically. Still I’m finding many do find them. Numerous people have let me know that they read the site before coming down. They just didn’t post.

    Baghdad Jim

    thats good to hear

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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