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    Hi.  I’m looking at the webcam and the weather in McMurdo looks like SH%&!  I try to look in on it a few times a day and I can’t see more than a hundred yards right now.  I’m sure it gets worse than that, but I just hate you guys have to put up with that like, all the time!
    John from Huntsville, Alabama.


    7Pm cst? That would have been around 12 noon here. You were watching the tail end of a storm passing through. It went from condition 3 to condition 2 and caught us by surprise. Later in the day the sun came out. With all that white snow around it’s almost impossible to go outside without sunglasss.
    Don’t think it looks like this all the time. We get tons of nice days with blue sky panoramas all summer long. Once the sun comes up 24 hours, the black rocks around town begin to heat up and everything melts.
    Try saving a photo from the web cam now and then compare it to the same view at the end of december.


    Ah….John, its not as bad as it looks! the best way to prepare ones self
    for Antarctica is to spend a week in northern Minnesota during the winter
    and when you do a summer season at McTown….it will like a vacation. You
    will be able to do it standing on your head almost.


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    Look at it from my perspective.  I live in Huntsville, AL where it has averaged about 85 deg with 85% humidity since last May!  Not that I haven’t gotten around.  I was born on a US Naval Base in Newfoundland, spent several years on Whidbey, Island, and would rather snow ski than anything else in the world.  But if northern Minnesota in the winter is worse than Antarctica in the summer, then I know where I’m going on my next vacation! ;~)

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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