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    I’d like to compile a comprehensive list of gear the average person should plan to bring to Antarctica to work and live there for at least the summer. I was planning to cull your posts, Raytheon’s (from the handbook) and a few others and keep a list on my blog at my site, but do you have such a thing already handy. I’m still trying to get my head around what is the most efficient way to plan/pack for this trip. Knowing me, I’m apt to pack like I’m off for a weekend trip. I’d probably be content, but I can do better :D. 


    BTW, I’ve stashed my current list on my blog here:

    – BRIEN


    I looked at your list it’s pretty comprehensive. The problem with lists is that everyone has different level of comfort down here. You can realistically come down with the clothes on your back, get your ecw gear in Christchurch and survive down here. There are lot’s of extra t shirts floating around.
    Some hint in Cheech are to not necessarily get the gear they provide for you. When you go to the clothing distribution center look on the wall at everything that is available. One really nice thing is the lightweight red jacket. It get’s downright warm by the end of December and the parkas are way too hot to work in. Also look at the field trousers. I wear them the most. For the winter if I’m working indoors and just going out for short periods of time I wear a heavy longsleeve shirt and a shortsleeve shirt over top. I wear the field pants with a pair of sweats underneath. When I go out I put on the fleece jacket, parka, hat and gloves with liners. That works most of the time. If I’m out for a medium length of time I’ll change shoes and wear the bunny boots. If I’m due out for longer times I’ll wear the full gear. Polypro top and bottom underwear, fleece top and bottom, windpants and parka, mittens or gloves with liners.
    The real key to staying warm is layers. You’ll peel most everything off the second you go inside.
    Many people bring down things that give them individuality. You get lost in the crowds in the summer. With all the fleeces and jackets the same color, it’s easy for people to walk off with the wrong parka’s etc.
    As a rule your first year, you will bring down too much cold weather gear and not enough fun stuff. If you have a craft or hobby give it a try in moderation. There are lots of musicians and bands so if you play bring down your stuff. Anything you mail should be down by the end of october or mid November, So carry the important stuff. Small priority mail envelopes that don’t take up room tend to get down faster than large boxes.
    Enough rambling. Everyone else, you are welcome to add in your thoughts.


    For God Sakes……dont use the “Hold in Christchurch” regular
    address….you will not see that mailing until you get back to Cheech. Make
    darn sure the address is for McMurdo. This is where I screwed up last
    year….I was in a hurry at the post office back home.

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