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    Hello all,

        Can any one tell me the odds of getting on the ice? I am a certified welder (3&4G, I can also get my 6G if the pay is good), I am currently working for the American Welding Society and its always been a dream of mine to go to Antarctica!!! I have no problem with long work weeks or in harsh conditions, so please get back to me (or ill go get a job doing under water welding :p ).



    Hello, Leon –

    I’d say that your chances of getting to the Ice this year are not so good. The season begins in a couple months, and I think most of the hiring has already been done.

    That said, you can always check out Raytheon’s website and see if they are still looking for any welders.

    Next year, though, if you really want to get down to the Ice, you need to go to the job fair in Denver. This will be held sometime in late April.

    I applied last year via email, and didn’t get a job, but this year I went to the job fair and am now going down as a dining attendant.




    I had a friend who was a GA in Antarctica 3 years ago.  She then spent a year at welding school and got her welding certificate (I don’t know what level)… anyway, even though she’d already had Antarctic experience, she couldn’t get on as a welder.  She had to come back as a GA ’cause that was all she could get.  She’s going back next year, but not as a welder.  I hear that that’s a tough area to break into on the Ice.  Good luck, though…. It’s probably too late this year to apply, but give Raytheon a call 1-800-688-8606 and have them direct you to the right person. 


    Out of the thousand people or so in the summer there is one welder in the heavy equipment shop and another one or two in the trades shops. During years of building construction they hire  a lot of iron workers as well as welders. Depends on the year, but I would apply none the less.


    You may have some luck soon, they are still talking about upgrading the water treatment and power plants over the next 2 winters so lots of fitting and welding there. Ask about FEMC pipefitter or plumber shop when you call and see if they are still looking, may still have positions for those projects open.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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