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    Going to the Ice is a great adventure but….the pay is not what you might
    think it is. The pay is about the national average for a general welder as
    so for the other trades. However; if they still operate like they did when i
    was there before (1999-2000 summer season and 2002-2003 summer season) if
    you were there before you would get a small bump in pay, about $50.00 a
    week. Keep in mind your work week is 6 days a week 9 hours a day unless
    they want or need you to work longer…and then there is no pay for the
    extra hours worked. You may as well know up front so you dont get blind
    sided once your down there. I went the first time mostly for the adventure
    fully realizing I was being payed less than what I get at home.

    I would still incourage you to send in another application and resume for
    either the winter season coming up in Feb/March or in April try again. If
    any welder from last year wishes to return the following season…they get
    teh first chance and that is only fair. You will meet a great bunch of
    people and like anywhere else…a few bad apples but all-in-all its very
    much worth the adventure.



    Hey rick. Leave your messages on the discussion page. This is the board that emails hit, but it’s also where the Porn ads end up. I try to keep everything on the other board.
    Good advice for Leon. Any chance you’ll be back down again?


    Hey Mike
    For some reason I dont remember how to get to the discusion's page, you can
    e-mail me personally at buggzapper@hotmail and let me know if you wish.
    This account is ageneral account to collect all junk mail so I filter out
    unwanted ones here. Thanks Mike and as for the other question…I would like
    to return atleast one more time but you will have to let me talk to Hamm
    operators on sundays! (grin)



    Look on the left side of this page near the top in the light blue area. You will see “Discussion Topics”  Click on that and it will bring you to the other board.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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