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    Hi Everybody.
    It has been 21 years since i was on the ice and have a couple questions.Leaving for Denver on 28 Oct.
    What is the APO/FPO address for shipping things to the pole.
    Any suggestions on Cheech Stores for large Rugs to be shipped back to states.
    Internet Access at pole..I am sure it is limited during summer anyways.And have been hearing stories of failing sats.All i really was wondering if i can get to bank sites for online banking a couple times a month.

    Good luck to all and am looking forward to meeting the folks i have met on here.



    Other than poking around this message board, be sure to have a look at the site, especially here

    and download the participants guide, among other things.

    If you look hard enough in there, you’ll find the address info:
    [ Name], RPSC
    South Pole Station
    PSC 468 Box 400
    APO AP 96598

    If mailing stuff to yourself, the advice I was given (which worked) was to use priority mail, mail early, send multiple smaller boxes rather than one big heavy one, and insure it for a small amount. Your mileage may vary, and other people may have some different ideas. At the beginning of last summer the mail seemed to flow in quickly.

    As for the satellites, who knows? The satellites have been old and failing for years, the program relies heavily on satellites for operational communications and science data, and at present things seem to be working. If all of the satellites disappeared many of the science projects might also, so there are some newer systems in place and/or being tested. Things are subject to change and rumor, just like all other things at Pole. I’ve consulted the comm folks recently, and without any of the technical gobbledygook or speculation, that is what I’m hearing.

    The internet will be slow, particularly during the summer, don’t plan to watch Youtube videos and similar stuff without falling asleep while they download. One advantage you may have by working in the power plant you may have an off shift. If available, the internet is faster when most of the station is asleep. Banking should not be a problem. As for rugs, I can be of no help…


    Hi Jer,

    The other day I saw Costco has NZ sheepskin rugs. Is nothing sacred?

    Part of the fun in Cheech is shopping for goodies. I’m sure you find the right store.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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