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    From: Ben Koether
    Subject: HIGH PRIORITY: Glacier Society Restoration Log
    Date: Wed, 09 Oct 2002 13:06:37 -0400

    Restoration Log        18                               9 October 2002
    Thank you all!! This is the moment we have dreamed of for nearly 
    three years since the day Glacier’s retired crewmembers began the 
    drive to restore Glacier.  A Well Done to all hands:  Army, Navy, Coast Guard, 
    Merchant Marine, Marines, Scientists, Seabees, Air National Guard,
    VX6, US Coast & Geographic Survey, NOAA, members of Congress and
    the local political staff in California and Connecticut. What a magnificent
    team assembled via the Internet and personal phone calls. You are a great team!
    1.      MARAD has approved the final set of transfer documents.
    Glacier Society is cleared to remove the ship from Benicia. We are planning 
    to execute the move to Mare Island Pier #10   during the week of 
    November 11 to 15. There is not a 100% guarantee of this date 
    but everyone is working hard to make it a reality. Now is the time 
    to book your travel reservations, many us from the East Coast will
     be scheduling to remain on station for a month or more.
    2.      There are significant tasks remaining to be accomplished both
    on board the ship and ashore. You have just three weeks left to become a 
    Restoration Plank Owner so you must step up and volunteer now to take 
    action to become a member of this group. Call Jack Erhard 
     or Glacier Society Headquarters at 
    1-866-ICE-PLAY to enlist and volunteer your skills.
    3.      We need crewmembers for the trip from MARAD to Mare Island.
    Please let us know if you are available and what tasks you are qualified
    for. We also need crewmembers to be stationed on the pier to handle
     the lines when we come along side. We will be berthing along side
     a navy barge which is moored to the pier. We will need photographers,
     personnel on the bridge, windlass operators, signalmen for flags, 
    personnel to serve hot coffee and snacks, and guides for VIP’s and 
    the press. Don’t forget one of the most important tasks on a ship…
    THE SWEEPERS!!….we have lots of sweeping and vacuuming both on deck and below.
     We need a roster, so contact us by phone or e-mail ASAP.
    4.      We will not be able to park mobile homes or RV’s on Mare
    Island for the foreseeable future.    We will seek alternative locations 
    for those of you who wish to drive such vehicles to Vallejo.
    5.      We are seeking volunteers who are qualified and positioned to 
    dedicate lengthy periods of time to assisting with the restoration 
    evaluation and the engineering design work. Currently licensed
    mariners are particularly valuable to us in this process. Please submit 
    your history and availability to the office.
    See you on board,
    Ben Koether
    Bernard G. Koether, II
    Glacier Society, Inc.
    905 Honeyspot Road
    Stratford, CT 06615
    203-375-6638 Office
    866-ICE-PLAY  Toll Free
    Glacier Society, a 501c3 organization, respects your privacy. If you
    wish to be removed from these mailings simply reply to
    with REMOVE as subject and we will remove your name from our data

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