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    Regards, Skua

    From: Ben Koether
    Subject: Glacier Society Restoration Log
    Date: Sun, 30 Jun 2002 10:00:14 -0400


          Restoration Log     15      30 June      2002 
     1.	We are pleased and proud to announce that Rear Admiral James Miller USN SC (Ret.) has joined our Management Advisory Board.  Jim was previously the CEO of the Navy Memorial after his retirement from active duty. 
    This and more information will be posted on the web site next week along
    with information on the other directors.  Jim is already working hard for us.
    I can’t tell you how much it means to have a reply to my dawn messages within
    seconds.  The first man on the bridge early in the morning is the Admiral
    with thoughtful facts and guidance on sourcing the many pieces that are
    still missing.
    2.	Happy July 4th.  Our crewmembers and volunteers are preparing to head out to the ship for July 8th workweek.	We have about 20 people and will have a very energetic effort that will include an underwater inspection of the screws and rudder. We want to be sure we are getting all
    the parts necessary to get her steaming!
    We also plan to make spot checks on the hull plate thickness.
    3.	Vickie Ipacs is traveling Europe for the month of July. Her phone is forwarded to mine, so responses may slow down for a while we experience our “summer office hours” Tom Beck, Helen Belkin and other 
    volunteers will try to keep the ball rolling.
    4.	We have completed the MRAD contract it is ready for signature. We have additional documents to submit for the business 
    issues and insurance.  These are in hand and will be completed 
    by the end of July for submittal to the Secretary of Transportation. 
    5.	The ICEBUCKET (the old Arctic Survey Boat) has been hauled at Captain’s Cove Marina and lies outside the Aquaculture School. We have 
    a group of local volunteers who is committed to “take her down the original glass finish and rebuild her interior. She has some rotten wood, leaks, crazed ports, missing mast, outdated running lights, and general disarray that present a less than “Bristol” condition suitable for an Admiral’s Launch.  This is our goal, to make her perfect! She will pass a 4.0 
    Inspection when complete and will have all the latest electronics fully 
    integrated.  We will involve as many youth groups in the process as a 
    learning experience and on the job training.
    6.	We want to say thank you to the Senators and Congressman who wrote  letters of support for our grant application at Save America’s  Treasures.  As of Friday night the letters were still coming in.  California, Massachusetts, Connecticut, I know are in and other States are in process. We will send a special report after our visit to the ship, Ben Koether Chairman 

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