Halloween Costumes

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    This seems to a very big deal in McMurdo, so I thought I breach the subject here.
    I’ve seen some great ice outfits. Don’t want to be one to copy but though this might be a good audience, and of course first brought up, first claimed.
    I’ve always found at parties past, as crazy as you you can get, there needs to be a balance between Wow! and comfortable.
    I need to move, be recognizable, comfortable, and have fun.
    I’m thinking David Burns, big suit type of thing (Once in a LifeTime) , Gandalf-good hat and robe, I suppose Spiderman, but I’d be doing the mask/sunglasses on top of the head thing. Something that works in Black light, then things are wide open. Marky Mark- I might have a similar facial resemblence, but no third niple, or underwear setup. Cheesy getup with outrageous patterns or colors, maybe shorts and crazy boots…
    So what works?

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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