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    Howdy from Bill Erhardt Helena, Mt.  Alternate Driver this season,
    What frequencies are the ham operators working this year.  I know they use to have a schedule on Saturdays at 0000 GMT on 14243. I get home from the ski area late on Saturdays but have been listening.  Let me know when they are operational and I will join in to say howdy from Montana…
    Happy Holidays to everyone at Mac Town and maybe next year.
    Bill Erhardt K7MT Helena, Mt.


    Bill, We are only semi operational. The station bought new equipment this year, but the antenna riggers have not had time to put up the new antenna. The old one suffered some storm damage and has hi swr readings. That said, the new radio has an antenna tuner, so if we just use 100w without the linear we can still get out a little. Propagation has not been regularly good enough for too many people to hear us on low power. Once we get the new antenna up, we’ll be closer to a thousand watts.
    There is no set time. People go when they can.  Your Sat night is a good time. I’ve lost track of where we are in GMT, but pacific time 6pm and later is where you might hear us.


    Hi Mike,
    A very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to you from here in Montana.
    Thanks for update on Ham Station.  I will listen up for the station and just maybe !!!
    I am still alternate all ready to go if needed as Driver.
    Working at local Ski Area for the winter and having a wonderful time. We need snow and looks like Mother Nature is going to provide us with some white stuff this week.
    Been working with 9600 baud APRS packet on the ISS and will do a double hop with PCSAT next week on 145.825 APRS 1200 baud packet.
    ISS has bee sending live slow scan SSTV shots while overheard and not sure if you have slow scan SSTV program on Ham Radio computer. Astronauts are active on SSTV and voice on the weekends 145.800 FM.
    Maybe I can make it next year as driver or radio operator.
    In friendship from Montana  Bill K7MT


    Hi again Mike,
    Just looked at the Web Cam over Mac Town and what a great view !!!! See its 30 degrees.
    I have a small web site for Amateur Radio: Just remodeled my Ham Shack and ran all new 9913 for HF/Packet/6 meters and LMR-400/600 to Satellite antennas (2m,70cm.1.2 ghz and 2.4 ghz)
    Cheers  Bill


    Howdy Mike,
    Just got the call from Megan at Raytheon and they are trying to get me on the flight for 5 Jan and if not 9 Jan. I am flying out of Helena, Mt on 1 Jan and will be briefed on ICE due to quick turn around.  See Ya in a few days.
    Happy New Year to all !!!
    Cheers  Bill Erhardt K7MT


    Hello Bill!
    We’ll be working together (I’m a shuttle driver – 2nd year). Thanks for coming – we need HELP!!!
    Shuttle YoYo

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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