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    I’ve been excited about Antarctic possibilities for years now and as I began to plan on the recommended stalking of interviewers…. I find myself ill.
    It’s not a big deal, obviously I am not shy about it, but I have been diagnosed with cervical cancer..
    Not a particularly big ordeal. I wont die. I will be through with all the procedures and minor surgeries in 2 months…. Without any comoplications I should be cancer free.
    My biggest worry concerns the ice.
    How strict are they on health? Has anyone out there been through this and found a snag?
    If I can’t go this year…will I ever be able to go??

    If anyone can shed some light I would really appreciate the insight.
    Thank you


    Hello Berge,

    I can make an educated guess to answer your questions (based on stories from friends in similar situations), but keep in mind that I am not part of the medical department and everyone’s situation is different… so take this with a grain of salt.

    You will most likely be able to go to the Ice, eventually. But chances are they will want you to be cancer-free for at least two years prior to being PQ’d. That’s what I’ve heard, although the criteria can always change.

    If anyone else has better information about this I’d be interested… I have an Ice friend recovering from breast cancer and it’s possible she may want to go back some day.



    I was under the impression that it was 5 years. But it could just as easily be 2.
    However, there is always the waiver process. If you get turned down you can apply for a waiver where they look at your particulars and decide if they want to take the risk. Waivers aren’t easily approved, but enough go through that you would want to ask anyway.

    Mike in McMurdo


    People keep mentioning the problem of ‘bad teeth’ making one ineligible. What constitutes bad teeth? Periodontal disease? Latent wisdom teeth? Too many cavities?
    Thanks, Bing 😀


    All of the above and more. However, the dental normally would not make you inelligible . Dental is something that needs to be fixed before coming down. Deep pockets need to be scraped. All cavities filled. Sometime impacted wisdom teeth need to come out etc etc. If you get your exam done early you should have enough time for the medical staff to review the results and then ask for more work. On my end, if the dentist finds something in the first exam, I tell them to fix it and write it up on the papers to be sent to the program.
    One interesting thing I did have a problem with once was that the program requires the original x-rays. The dentist wouldn’t give them up. They wanted to keep the originals and send copies to everyone else. I found another dentist.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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