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    Hi, I used to belong but forgot my login name, so I am back as ‘Adak’.

    My big question regarding employment in Antarctica is:

    If you have been offered a position, accepted it, but then had to turn it down, does anyone know if they circulate your name as in ‘forget this guy’?

    After applying for three years in a row I finally was offered a job at McMurdo (about 2005). I accepted the job, but unfortunately had to give it up about two months before deployment because of a family situation (yes, I was seriously bummed).

    I did give as much notice as possible, and tried to reach my supervisor (the person who interviewed me) to explain personally but no-one ever returned phone-calls or emails which led me to believe I had pissed someone off.

    Now the time is right again. I have already applied for a couple positions, but secretly wondered if my name will pop up in a data-base, or over coffee in the supervisor break-room.

    Thanks for your thoughts!


    Hi Matt,

    I don’t know. My guess is no, you’re not blacklisted — but if you tried to get a job with that same manager or department it’s likely they would remember you.

    Good luck. What are you applying for?



    Thanks for your reply Glenn,

    I’ve spread it out a little bit.

    I have some management/admin background and applied for a couple supervisory positions. I’d also dig a ditch, climb a tower, or keep a science-lab clean, but seems the ‘grunt’ positions are actually the most competitive numbers-wise.

    It’s really for the opportunity to work in Antarctica, and then see where I might fit best should I try and make it regular work for awhile.

    My father once worked at Palmer back in the 1990s and I would love to check it out because of the stories he shared about Emperor penguins and ice-climbing, but I’ve heard most people start at McMurdo.

    Then again, I’ve heard you guys have quite the music-festival in McMurdo.



    Matt, chance are by the time 3 years has gone by, nobody will remember you. What did you get hired for last time?

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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