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    cold feet

    Hi Lori and Mike… thanks for the info. re grants to go painting in the Antarctic…. You can try it yourself…  with white crayons on dark blue paper and maybe a little red for the parkas.  I do know an artist who likes to paint snow in the middle of winter.  He takes a little pup tent out with him…… sits inside and has a wonderful time.  His wife won”t let him smoke in the house so this is his answer.         Here in eastern Canada we have had a different sort of winter with a couple of summer days in Decemer and the coldest  May in history.      Enjoyed the photos of the Christchurch area and have walked that steep trail over the top into Littleton Harbour..   Take care and bye for now … love..  Cold Feet

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Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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