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      Sorry to hear ’bout the weather here HOT 90’s

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    From: Chris Post
    Sent: Monday, August 19, 2002 11:11 AM
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    Subject: Christchurch

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    Hello All i made it to Christchurch, Landed here 9AM and was greeted to a
    warm NZ welcome by a cold rainy day.
    Today the weather is a bit better, sunny and a bit warmer but still in the
    middle of their winter season…
    Yesterday i spent the cold winter day swimming at Hanmer Springs, just 2
    hours north of Christchurch in the mountains lies Hanmer Springs… a
    geothermal playground for tourists and kiwis filled with hot springs and
    mineral pools..what a fun way to spend a crapy rainy day but still be

    Needles to say i had a great time in the +110F waters in the 20F rainy NZ
    day.. Here are some pictures…!!!

    I get fitted for my cold weather gear today, then leave for the ice

    See ya


    Christopher Post
    United States Antarctic Program
    McMurdo Station Antarctica
    Lehigh County Emergency Management
    Allentown, PA
    E-Mail : n3sig@arrl.net
    Pager: ???@pg.mcmurdo.gov

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    ih mary my name is dorothy
    iam 18 years old
    iam in the 12th grade
    i like guy

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