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    Hi … I just entered this board cuz I need help!

    I got a really good friend actually now at one South Pole Station (don’t know which, don’t know whether there are different ones etc. pp.) … Her name is Leana Downs. She wrote me a postcard from the South Pole and asked me to write her again by snailmail! Shitty thing is … I got only an old snailmail address of her. Does anyone of you know her, probably? Or how can I get in touch via email with one of those stations that probably know her in person? … wooohaaa … I just want to write her and I got nothing but the postcard without address. That is so terrible!

    Please help, if you can. Thanx in advance, DEVI KEM


    hi devi kem,

    it may be difficult to get a snail-mail letter there before the end of the season. your best bet is to write an email. if your friend is still at the pole, her email address will be in the format:, like

    good luck.



    thanx so much! I will try it!

    I wasn’t seeking the snail mail for the pole … just for her home in New Hampshire … anyway … thanx!

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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