helpful hints on getting personal items there?

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    such as a guitar? I noticed there was icestock… do people tend to mail stuff a month early from the U.S.?


    If you think you’ll be over your weight allowance, by all means mail stuff to yourself. A month or two early is fine. Just don’t count on it getting there at any particular time… Personal packages are the lowest priority and they sometimes arrive weeks or months later.

    I’ve shipped a guitar before. Right now I’m waiting on 6 pounds of coffee and a stereo amplifier.



    A hint for smaller items is to send in a priority mail envelope. Because I travel with a camera and computer my space is limited for other things. On the airplanes coming down you can have a carryon and a computer case. I pack a change of clothes in each in case my luggage gets lost. Everything else essential plus another change of clothing goes in a backpack. I keep it as light as I can. This gives me 3 changes of clothing to start the season. Nice clothing items that are not essential get mailed in a priority mail envelope. The smaller the envelope the better the chances of getting it down soon. Often there is no room on the plane for large boxes, but they can slip in a few smaller envelopes. The program gives lots of warm clothing, but nothing nice. Once here I hit the skua piles pretty hard for more clothes. If I can’t find anything there is a store with lots of t shirts and sweatshirts to round things out. I mail down extra shoes.


    Here are a few tips that I have learned over the years…

    Insure it…because the have to track it, these boxes tend to have higher priority that the rest.

    Smaller is better…what they call flat mail is delivered on a much more regular basis than boxes. The larger the box, the longer it takes.

    Also, I use new socks and underwear in the place of bubble wrap or plastic peanuts. You can never have to much of either and they really cushion well.

    Be aware that sometimes you can send items too early. They may send back items if you aren’t going to be here within a month or so.

    And last, but not least, there is a big push to get all the mail here by Chirstmas and the end of the summer.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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