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    This post is for general information on the Hero. I towed the ship to Bay Center,Wa. in 2008 after selling the vessel
    to a private party. The Hero now lies at a private dock in about in about 4 fathoms. I am not sure of the condition of
    the ship as I have not been aboard for a couple of years.I still have the anchors and lots of original papers and photos
    so if someone has a particular interest I might be able to help out. You can see the dock where the Hero is located
    on Google earth at lat 46.37.16 N by 123.56.44W. Cheers Bill Wechter


    YEAAAAA! Thanks Bill!

    Finally, some real information about her whereabouts. I’ve posted your info on the FaceBook R/V Hero page as well.


    (Well heck, I drove through that area a few months ago, looking for her. Even cruised around the docks in Astoria and Aberdeen.)


    Thanks Bill
    Lots of people have been looking for her.


    Okay, we have photos!

    Apparently Bill Wechter sold the Hero to someone in 2008, he towed her to the new owner in Bay Center, WA (on Willapa Bay, 40 miles north of Astoria, OR). Here’s one photo which includes a couple of comments from me and Bill Wechter, if you scroll back through the photos you will see a couple more.


    I’ve emailed the photographer for more info and permission to use the photos on my web site, tomorrow I may try and contact the harbormaster. I’ll wait a bit to see what more I can find out before I post this to the FB page.

    And of course this reminds me that I never put up any photos from the Palmer Team 77 reunion in 2006 (I was an honorary guest since during the 1977 winter I was a few miles south of Palmer Station). We held it in Newport, Bill Wechter gave us free run and tours of the HERO. He offered to let us sleep aboard but we chose to have a barbecue feast on the dock and stay at a nearby hotel instead since the plumbing, beds, and A/V support for our slide shows was more amenable 🙂

    Thanks to Bill W for updating all of us!

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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