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    Hey Mike, Its Kimberly from the states. How are you? I have been really busy here with work and all sorry I havent written. If you hear of anything for Rick Dickawicz please let him know. I know for a fact that he still wants to go. He gets emails about positions that he is qualified for but nothing ever comes of it, he applies to them all, if there is a way that you can maybe push things along for him that would be great. He would be a deffinate asset to the pole. He is hard working and will not let you down. I dont really want him to go but it is a really big dream of his and I want him to meet that dream. If I was to hold him back it would be wrong of me to do so so I cant. All I can do is help and support him on his dream cause I love him. thank you and take care. I hope all is well at the pole. Keep in touch. PS. Ricks email is wiczster@hotmail.com Kimberly


    Ricks best bet to give a hedge it to go to  the Denver Job Fair. I think it is either the end of Feb or beginning of March. Talk to the people there and get permission to stay in touch. He’ll have to impress someone enough for that, but if he is gung ho enough there are enough helper and trainee jobs around that he stands a good chance of being noticed.


    Mike thats a long ways away for him as he can’t leave his job in VT rt now and money is tight. Is there someone that he can contact by phone so he can talk to them about him going?  Let me know Thanks Kimberly

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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