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    Sorry to bother you again. It is 5 minutes to 11 PM here in USA-Utah I would like to chat with someone there but do not know anyone there right now. Chat with you later Lonely one/I am handicapped so I am trying to understand thank you 

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    To Lonelyone 
    I guess I come down here because I love it. I know that the day Lorie and I decide not to come back will be a bittersweet day. It’s a tough existance for sure, but it’s something that only a handful of people will ever experience. Antarctica is still a place of wild beauty even if we are in the largest Antarctic base on the continent.
    To Night
     I’d love to chat with everyone but the timezones down here don’t allow for it. when I get off of work and have the time to sit and relax, it’s the middle of the night in most of the rest of the world except australia and New Zealand. Maybe someone else will chat.

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    About the chats, I think I mentioned this earlier, but the time zone difference works against it. I get off of work at 530pm go to the galley for dinner for an hour. By the time I get settled down to relax it’s around 8pm at night. That put’s it at 1 in the morning for California and the west coast and 4 in the morning on the east coast of the US. For the most part there was never anyone around so I stopped doing it. The other problem is that we work 6 days a week so we have to cram all our “other” activities into a relatively short time period, so spending hours doing chats gets difficult. You can see by some of the photo albums that Clark and I stay pretty busy planning our Clark and Mike’s Adventures getting people out of McMurdo.It would be better for chats if I could get some people from here to help, but they are as busy as I am . I’m not so sure I can get anyone to commit. We’ll just wait and see.

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