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    [font=Geneva, Arial, Sans-serif:nfqabjxt]Hi![/font:nfqabjxt]
    [font=Arial:nfqabjxt]My name is Laurie.  I joined because my co-hort Madaline told me that this was a great site and perhaps we could keep an eye out for our former co-worker Chris Post.  He’s been enroute since Monday the 20th, and he was on the plane that got turned back about 5 minutes prior to be able to land.  That must really be the pits.  He sent photos of how crammed into the plane everyone was.  Anyway –[/font:nfqabjxt]


    Well Chris is getting indoctrinated into life in the antarctic program. His flight boomeranged yesterday because of fog that formed on the runway. Today a storm was forcast so they never got the plane off the ground. Hopefully they called his hotel and stopped him before he dressed and went to the Christchurch Antarctic Center. No problem for most as Christchurch is a great city to be stranded in. The current plan is to fly on sunday and try to get them in tomorrow. Right now it is -30 in Mcmurdo. The airfield is usually 20 degrees colder than here. If the temperature drops below -50 at the runway they have to scrap the landing because at that temperature the  hydraulics freeze up and they would not be able to use the flaps and landing gear. This by the way is normal in the Antarctic Program.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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