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    When I get to Christchurch will there already be a hotel direct billed there waiting for me? Or do I go out and find one myself and it comes out of the travel fund I’m given?  I was thinking maybe the base backpackers hostel??? Any suggestions?


    Jeff —
    On your paperwork there should have been a sheet where you selected a primary and secondary place to stay in CHC.  When you arrive at CHC, you’ll be given some paperwork, including your hotel of choice.  If you didn’t choose one, one will be appointed for you.
    You’ll pay for this out of the travel fund you receive in CHC.  No direct billing.  Sorry.
    Enjoy the two, beautiful days you’ll spend there – it’s greener than the ice.
    See you soon.


    Personally, I like staying at either the Y, or the Windsor.  If you’re going for cheap, try Base X, on the Square, next to Baillie’s (where all the ice people hang-out).


    Thanks for the info…I’ll prob stay at the base it looks like a cool cheap place. I’ll call tomorrow and get the form your talking about and fax it back…hopefully its not too late.


    My recommendation is to stay at the Y. It’s where most of the program people stay and you will be with company . You get 430 kiwi dollars to pay for your first 2 nights. The Y costs 96 for 2 nights leaving you with a chunk to either save or use for nice meals.


    You guys are getting two nights this time? Lucky … when I flew in January we landed, got our gear at the CDC, scrambled to get some last-minute stuff before stores closed, ate at the Monkey Bar and crashed in time for my 4:30 a.m. wake-up time for the 7 a.m. flight to the Ice. By the time I hit Pole I had a grand total of about 12 hours of sleep since Denver. It’s cruel and unusual punishment in my book 😀 … but maybe somebody’s seen the light and is giving you that “extra” day.

    One other thing about staying at the Y is they are used to a large group, so they keep you well-posted. However, they have no wake-up calls, but instead slip notes under your door. Sleep lightly if you have anything later than a 4:30 a.m. wakeup on your flight day … it may get moved up. Or set your clock for earlier, check for notes and go back to bed. Nearly missed mine a few years ago when it got bumped up a half-hour and the taxi driver was waiting impatiently for me to get my things gathered.

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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